Alexander is Back Concert


ALEXANDER BACK IN CONCERT: Un Rekuerdo Sentimental
Compositions by F. 
Chopin & Statius Muller

Friday June 18 7.00 PM
Saturday June 19  7.00 PM
Sunday June 20 6.00 PM

Tickets ANG 35,00

Alexander Kraft van Ermel is coming back! And a visit to Curaçao - as usual - has to be combined with a concert, or more...
This time Alexander will bring us the concert Un Rekuerdo Sentimental. A trip down memory lane through compositions of Alexander's grandfather, the acclaimed pianist / composer Wim Statius Muller (1930- 2019) and an important source of inspiration F. Chopin (1810- 1849).

Join us!
Tickets are available at Landhuis Bloemhof. Limited seating per concert because of covid restrictions. A maximum of 40 tickets are issued per concert.


Pottery Nomad | Pixel Explorer



Haruko Greenberg
Mariette Arkenbout

Opening Saturday June 5
10.00 AM- 2.00 PM
Exhibition till July 10.

Haruko Greenberg and Mariëtte Arkenbout have a special position in our community as they are the spouses of the American consul general Allen Greenberg and the Dutch representative Erwin Arkenbout. These ‘spouses of’ also happen to be remarkable creative women who share their uniqueness through their art with others wherever they are -or rather wherever the jobs of their husbands take them.

Haruko Greenberg connects to where she is through clay. She literally discovers the new country by working with her hands creating pottery pieces as a personal salute to the place she has been welcomed to. The strong sun of Curaçao, colorful buildings of Willemstad, and beautiful nature of the island inspired her to make pottery with vibrant colors and natural texture. “My pottery is a sum of all the places where I lived and the experiences I have had there with people.  As I travel from one place to another, my creations have spread in various parts of the world.  What a joy and privilege to imagine my piece can be in someone’s hand, holding a warm cup of coffee, spending a happy little moment of someone’s life somewhere!”

With Mariëtte Arkenbout it's all about movement, light, and colors as they are caught on film and in photographs. She is a storyteller who no longer needs words. She uses images and works on them with a variety of techniques and materials to play out her story and see where it leads to. A sewing machine being one of her tools. This artist is a professional photographer who seems no longer interested in the final result of a picture. The end result for her is the starting point to explore and study the infinite possibilities of what could happen with a photograph or a still after its final version. “Exploring the visual world of images is my passion. Whereas I started my career in writing, sometimes taking pictures for magazines and street photography, I discovered that the storytelling fashion and dance world where your imagination can run wild was more my cup of tea. Usually, I choose a series of pics and start exploring. I use ribbons, paint, and a sewing machine to create my collages. “

MEET THE ARTISTS Di muraya pa muraya


Meet the Artists Di muraya pa muraya
Arte di muralista kontemporaneo
From wall to wall
Art by contemporary muralists

Saturday May 29
10.00 AM- 2.00 PM

Participating artists: Avantia Damberg, Francis Sling, Garrick Marchena, Jhomar Loaiza, Johanna Franco Zapata and Sander van Beusekom

You are cordially invited to come by and meet all six artists, have a chat, listen to what they have been up to and what is coming up next in their careers.
In the past years, especially the city center of Curaçao has seen a large number of murals appear on her walls.  They are expressions of a positive outlook. In addition to being bold and colorful, they convey a message to the viewer and empower the youth and neighborhoods, allowing everybody to see the hidden beauty of their own ‘bario’ with renewed hope.
Avantia Damberg, Francis Sling, Garrick Marchena, Jhomar Loaiza, Johanna Franco Zapata and Sander van Beusekom are some of the many muralists who contributed to this development on the island.
You can meet all six of them on this last day of the exhibition.

Freedom Soup


Panel discussion and online exchange about Freedom

May 5th: Panel discussion about Freedom
Wednesday May 5 at 7.00 PM via Zoom or our Facebook page
You can register for FREE using this link.

On Wednesday May 5th, the Dutch Kingdom commemorates Liberation Day, marking the 76th anniversary of the end of the Second World War for the Kingdom. Regretfully, due to Covid-19, we cannot all come together to share a Freedom Meal as we planned for this year. The Dutch 4 en 5 Mei Comité has therefore come up with an alternative: a home cooked Freedom Soup to be shared with your family and other significant ones at home.

Your ingredient for Freedom
You are also invited to participate in the #lbhfreedomsoup campaign as of today. What is the most important ingredient for freedom according to you? Share your thoughts with us on your Facebook page or Instagram account tagged with #lbhfreedomsoup. Get creative. Share a poem, freedom word, song, painting or whatever else you can 'cook up' that represents your contribution to freedom. The Bloemhof team already posted what we think is most important.

Warming up to May 5th
This week the #lbhfreedomsoup promotion started via our Facebook and Instagram page with short videos as a warming-up for the online debate of May 5th and to inspire you to come up with your own ingredient(s) for freedom. And it would be fantastic if you would join us for the live panel discussion on May 5th while you enjoy your own home made Freedom Soup with your house hold members or significant others.

Panel discussion on Zoom and Facebook
The live panel discussion will take place on Wednesday May 5 at 7 pm, and can be followed via Facebook and ZOOM. Participating panelists are Maria Liberia Peters (former prime minister), Aubert Wiels (radio host, philosopher and teacher), Mario Kleinmoedig (publicist and human rights activist) and Renske Pin (researcher). Michèle Russel-Capriles will moderate the conversation. During the preceding week, all participants will introduce themselves to you via the Facebook page and Instagram account of Bloemhof. You can attend the panel discussion via Zoom or the Bloemhof Facebook page.
Register here for your Zoom link.

Sirkulo di Bida


Sírkulo di Bida
Buy Your Own Circle(s) of Life to support the Healthcare in Curacao

Landhuis Bloemhof and the Ronald McDonald House Foundation invite you to buy one of our Circles of Life to support the Healthcare on the island.

Over 75 volunteers created more than 100 Sírkulo di Bida (Circles of Life) with discarded materials used in the medical world, as part of a series of workshops given by artist Michèle Russel-Capriles during her exhibition Ban Serio! These Circles are going on sale to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House Foundation. This foundation is now helping out at the CMC by providing meals for personnel and staff who are working day and night, beyond the call of duty fighting Covid-19.

The Sírkulo di Bida workshops started out as a community art project. The original idea was to embellish the RMHC at CMC. Regretfully due to new regulations the project could not be completed as planned. Now the Circles will reach even more corners of the island and serve an urgent and beautiful cause.

Please scroll through our digital catalogue via this link to choose your favorite Sírkulo.

If you wish to purchase a circle, please

* Mail us via

*Mention: the number of the circle(s) you would like to purchase and the page number

* Your full contact information (name, surname, address, phone number)

* We will send you an email back to confirm your purchase, with further instructions for payment

* Pick-up or delivery will be possible after the lockdown

* Overseas shipping available upon request


No circle, just donate?

* Make a transfer to MCB Bank 16831208 and clearly state: donation Sírkulo di Bida

The artist Michèle Russel-Capriles is willing to visit your home or office to make an art installation if you buy 5 or more circles and make an extra donation.

Catalogue Di muraya pa muraya


Di muraya pa muraya
Arte di muralista kontemporaneo
From wall to wall
Art by contemporary muralists

Participants: Avantia Damberg, Francis Sling, Garrick Marchena, Jhomar Loaiza, Johanna Franco Zapata and Sander van Beusekom

Digital Catalogue
Enjoy our current exhibition by clicking on this link  Catalogue Di muraya pa muraya - Arte di muralista kontemporáneo.
Scroll through the catalogue to experience the diversity of their work from the comfort of your home.  See something you like? Contact us via

Bloemhof Closed





Dear Friends of Bloemhof,

As you are aware the Government of Curaçao has announced another Lockdown for the island. For that reason Bloemhof regrets not being able to receive any visitors for the coming weeks.

Like last year during the Lockdown we will do our best to let you enjoy Art, History and Nature from the comfort of your home.
Stay informed of our online activities by visiting our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Take care of yourselves and be safe,

The Bloemhof Team

Lach club





Monday April 5 or Tuesday April 6
5.15 PM

Price:  NAF 17,50 per session. Our apologies for the incorrect price in our first announcement.
Please register here.

Art Happy Hour


with Music, Poetry and more 

Wednesday March 24
7.00- 9.00 PM
Entrance: free, but please register in advance at

On Wednesday March 24, the artists will be present for a chat with the public. The subject is of course murals and everything that comes with it. As an extra, Avantia Damberg, Francis Sling and Jhomar Loaiza will perform music and poetry.

ART Tours



Saturday March 13, 4.30- 7.00 PM:

Sunday March 14,  4.30- 7.00 PM:

Entrance: NAF 25,00. Tickets for sale at Landhuis Bloemhof.

Most of the murals on the island are located near Punda - Scharloo and Otrobanda. Avantia Damberg will give guided tours of these neighborhoods in the company of the artists participating in the exhibition. She will explain the many different murals you will encounter along the way. The public can ask the artists questions about their own work.

Saturday March 13, 4.30- 7.00 PM 
Avantia will give the tour of the neighborhoods Punda-Scharloo. Meeting place is Plaza Wilson 'Papa' Godett in front of the Marshe Nobo. During this walk Ed Craane's Window Art project in Punda will also be visited.

On Sunday 14 March, 4.30 - 7.00 PM it is Otrobanda's turn. Meeting place is the parking lot next to Teatro Luna Blou.

Tours start promptly at 4:30 PM. Tour tickets cost 25, - per person per tour, including a bottle of water, and are available at Landhuis Bloemhof.