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Tafelberg riba Mesa showcases a great number of renderings of the Tafelberg through the years. There are paintings and photographs dating as far back as the first half of the 20th century and works of art specifically created for this project.

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Call for upcoming Group Exhibitions



July 16th – August 20th

Dive into the world of the shocking, weird, and mysterious. This group exhibition invites you to reach into the depths of your mind and bring it to light using your preferred medium.

  • Register before June 9th
  • 1 piece per artist



 Art for the Roses
October 8th – November 19th

Ride for the Roses Foundation and Landhuis Bloemhof are organizing a fundraising exhibition and auction in celebration of survivors and in memory of angels.

  • Registration extended
  • 2 pieces per artist / 1 for exhibition and 1 for the online auction
  • A rose or elements thereof must be processed in your work


Lus riba Nanzi
November 26th – January 14th

How do you feel about our famous spider? Does Nanzi still have a place in our lives? Should Nanzi stay, should Nanzi go? What does Nanzi stand for in your eyes. Shine your light on Nanzi and show us what you think through a painting, sculpture, installation, print using the medium of your choice.

  • Register before October 16th
  • 1 piece per artist


Past Exhibitions

New exhibitions every month

There is always an exhibition ongoing in the main hall at Landhuis Bloemhof. Several times a year we feature art by local and international artists, at times in group showings. During the remaining months we present artwork from our private collection based on a specific theme, idea or concept.
We try to offer our visitors quality and diversity; we seek to present new talents, alternative techniques, contrasting media; we encourage more insight and involvement from our artists by organizing interactive sessions between the artist and the general public.

Permanent Art

In addition to our exhibitions, we have permanent art both in the country house and outside in our gardens.

In our Library you can enjoy art by Charles Eyck, Tebó, Zadkine, Ocalia and many others. Outside in the gardens you can see sculptures by Brigitte Wawoe, Yubi Kirindongo, Pito Polo, Michèle Russel-Capriles and many more.

Landhuis Bloemhof takes pride presenting an unique selection of Nepomuceno’s work, collected by the late May and Max Henriquez. These little sculptures are now permanently displayed in the Skina di Nepomuceno (Nepomuceno's Corner) in the former studio of May Henriquez (1915-1999). In 2011 Venezuelan sculptor Julio César Briceño donated the bronze image he created of Nepomuceno for this permanent exhibition.




Exhibition Request

Artists who would like to exhibit their work at Landhuis Bloemhof or are interested in giving workshops or organizing other activities please send an e-mail to expo@bloemhof.cw