Landhuis Bloemhof History

A special place where you learn about local art,
history and nature ...


The first deed of sale of the property dates back to 1735. Since then it was sold at least 40 times before Mrs Emma Maduro Lopez Penha bought the estate in 1919. The property has remained in hands of the same family ever since.

By the time the family bought the property, it had largely lost its historic purpose as a ‘water plantation’, since the local government had started water distribution by means of an extensive network of pipes. As such around the turn of the last century Bloemhof became a ‘laraha’ plantation with several other smaller fruit orchards. The ‘laraha’ is the small bitter Curaçao orange, the peel of which is used to make the famous Curaçao liqueur. But by mid twentieth century also the agricultural activity at Bloemhof had ceased to be and a new ‘crop’ started blooming: Art!

May Henriquez, artist, playwright and culture-lover par excellence had taken over the care for the Estate together with her husband Max. They were the ones who opened up the ‘Landhuis’ for the arts, and laid the foundation for the vibrant meeting place it is today for artists, musicians, poets, authors, actors and other cultural promotors.

An important part of our cultural heritage at Bloemhof are the magnificent colonial buildings and historical waterworks on the premises, which we lovingly maintain and use.