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Welcome to Landhuis Bloemhof

Landhuis Bloemhof is a cultural center dedicated to the memory of May Henriquez.
Contemporary visual artists are welcomed to exhibit their work in this historical mansion dating back to 1735.
And there is much more to explore on the seventeen acres of the estate, like the frozen in time sculpture studio of May Henriquez, the Ex Libris May-Max Library and our gift shop with colorful souvenirs, handcrafted jewelry and art books to mention just a few .

On the premises, in the gardens, you can also visit the bath house nestled between shady trees, the Labyrinth/Cathedral of Thorns, created by Herman van Bergen and the open air sculpture studio of Hortence Brouwn.
Stroll through the park and indulge in a cultural experience surrounded by history, contemporary art and nature.

Now Showing

Symbiosis II:
A symphony of stone, metal,
wood and photography

The exhibition Symbiosis II showcases a blend of mixed media stone sculptures by the dynamic duo, Brigitte Wawoe and Angel Luis de la Rosa Gonzáles. Building on the success of their first collaboration at Landhuis Bloemhof in 2022, Symbiosis II promises to be a visual feast for art enthusiasts.

This time around, the artistic synergy extends beyond Brigitte and Angel, with guest artist Paul Senders adding a unique dimension to the exhibition. Paul will be showing his photographs, a fitting tribute to Brigitte Wawoe's artistic legacy.


Piso SERØ initiator Christian Peralta about his art.

In the heart of Punda, Piso SERØ stands as a dynamic multidisciplinary collective, a haven for a diverse group of individuals driven by a shared passion for creativity. Located on the ground floor of Casa Moderna on Madurostraat, this multifunctional space, divided into a gallery and atelier, serves as a vibrant hub for cultural events. Their mission is to defy the conventional and to blur the lines between the artist and the observer, empowering every individual to find their creative voice.


Activities / Events / Exhibitions / Workshops

Symbiosis II

Symbiosis II

Exhibition Symbiosis II Sculptures by Brigitte Wawoe and Angel Luis de la Rosa Photography by Paul Senders     Opening February 17   You are invited to Symbiosis II, showcasing...

Exhibition ‘Punda to Bloemhof, A Creative Odyssey’

Exhibition ‘Punda to Bloemhof, A Creative Odyssey’

Exhibition Exhibition 'Punda to Bloemhof A Creative Odyssey' by Art Collective Piso SERØ   Opening January 10   ‘Punda to Bloemhof, A Creative Odyssey’ features a vibrant tapestry of Curacao's...

Workshop Renaissance Portrait Painting

Workshop Renaissance Portrait Painting

Workshop Renaissance Portrait Painting Monday February 26 till Friday March 1 Alessandra Camera will guide her students in different aspects of Renaissance Portrait Painting. The group will start talking and...

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Kids Corner

Landhuis Bloemhof is very happy to Introduce it's Kids Corner!