MEET THE ARTISTS Di muraya pa muraya


Meet the Artists Di muraya pa muraya
Arte di muralista kontemporaneo
From wall to wall
Art by contemporary muralists

Saturday May 29
10.00 AM- 2.00 PM

Participating artists: Avantia Damberg, Francis Sling, Garrick Marchena, Jhomar Loaiza, Johanna Franco Zapata and Sander van Beusekom

You are cordially invited to come by and meet all six artists, have a chat, listen to what they have been up to and what is coming up next in their careers.
In the past years, especially the city center of Curaçao has seen a large number of murals appear on her walls.  They are expressions of a positive outlook. In addition to being bold and colorful, they convey a message to the viewer and empower the youth and neighborhoods, allowing everybody to see the hidden beauty of their own ‘bario’ with renewed hope.
Avantia Damberg, Francis Sling, Garrick Marchena, Jhomar Loaiza, Johanna Franco Zapata and Sander van Beusekom are some of the many muralists who contributed to this development on the island.
You can meet all six of them on this last day of the exhibition.

Freedom Soup


Panel discussion and online exchange about Freedom

May 5th: Panel discussion about Freedom
Wednesday May 5 at 7.00 PM via Zoom or our Facebook page
You can register for FREE using this link.

On Wednesday May 5th, the Dutch Kingdom commemorates Liberation Day, marking the 76th anniversary of the end of the Second World War for the Kingdom. Regretfully, due to Covid-19, we cannot all come together to share a Freedom Meal as we planned for this year. The Dutch 4 en 5 Mei Comité has therefore come up with an alternative: a home cooked Freedom Soup to be shared with your family and other significant ones at home.

Your ingredient for Freedom
You are also invited to participate in the #lbhfreedomsoup campaign as of today. What is the most important ingredient for freedom according to you? Share your thoughts with us on your Facebook page or Instagram account tagged with #lbhfreedomsoup. Get creative. Share a poem, freedom word, song, painting or whatever else you can 'cook up' that represents your contribution to freedom. The Bloemhof team already posted what we think is most important.

Warming up to May 5th
This week the #lbhfreedomsoup promotion started via our Facebook and Instagram page with short videos as a warming-up for the online debate of May 5th and to inspire you to come up with your own ingredient(s) for freedom. And it would be fantastic if you would join us for the live panel discussion on May 5th while you enjoy your own home made Freedom Soup with your house hold members or significant others.

Panel discussion on Zoom and Facebook
The live panel discussion will take place on Wednesday May 5 at 7 pm, and can be followed via Facebook and ZOOM. Participating panelists are Maria Liberia Peters (former prime minister), Aubert Wiels (radio host, philosopher and teacher), Mario Kleinmoedig (publicist and human rights activist) and Renske Pin (researcher). Michèle Russel-Capriles will moderate the conversation. During the preceding week, all participants will introduce themselves to you via the Facebook page and Instagram account of Bloemhof. You can attend the panel discussion via Zoom or the Bloemhof Facebook page.
Register here for your Zoom link.