E Wega di Bida


E Wega d Bida
The Game of Life

By Suzet Rosaria

Opening Saturday September 11
Exhibition till October 23

E Wega di Bida is an ode to the maturing process of life where self-development takes the forefront. “In the game of life you are the player and your opponent. You decide your next move, but you are also in charge of your reaction to it”, according to Rosaria.

Rosaria compares the game of life with the game of chess. The game of chess has dominant black and white colors. Symbolizing the extremes in life, the good and the bad in you and what lies in between.

For this exhibition, the artist used a variety of techniques, materials and vibrant Caribbean colors. With these materials she created textures to add depth and character to her work. With this, she wants to illustrate that each life path has several layers. Life is not always a smooth ride.

Apart from the repetitive theme of black and white checkered fields in her work she also plays with other recurring forms and (human and/or animal) figures. Each having a different meaning.

About the artist
Rosaria finished her studies at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Beeldende Kunsten (The Netherlands) in 1993. Since 1990 she had various solo exhibition and took part in many group exhibitions in The Netherlands and Curaçao. Her work can be seen in homes, buildings, offices and private collections worldwide. Apart from being a visual artist Rosaria is also art teacher at the secondary school MIL. For some years now she has been designing carnival costumes for the teen parade for which she received the best designer award in 2019 and the best group overall award in 2020.

E Wega di Bida will show till October 23. Stay tuned for the workshop and activities program.

Forma di mi Alma


Forma di mi Alma - Shapes of my Soul
Mijn Ziel in Vormen
by Bettie Abbad van Lange.



Opening Saturday July 17
10.00 AM- 2.00 PM
Exhibition till August 28

Forma di mi Alma sheds light on the oeuvre of Bettie Abbad van Lange and consists of ceramic sculptures and objects, but also drawings and paintings from the 1960's until recent years. Her contribution to the development of Curaçao ceramic art in the second half of the last century is significant.

Opening Saturday July 17
Around 11.30 am on the opening day, art historian Josée Thissen-Rojer will hold an introduction and tell us more about the artist's work and life.

Forma di mi Alma
Bettie Abbad van Lange is a ceramist 'pur sang', with a passionate drive that pushes her towards perfection time and again. A final shape is not just a shape but represents the culmination of an inner quest that is brought to light through her hands. The materials, the shapes and the finishing with glazes and textures capture not only the process but also the story - or perhaps better - the message that this artist wants to share.
This exhibition shows work ranging from the 1960's to 2004 and gives an overview of the various journeys that Bettie has taken with her ceramics, paintings and drawings.

About Bettie Abbad van Lange
After her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Applied Arts St. Joost in Breda, the Netherlands, Bettie Abbad van Lange (1941) worked for five years at the prestigious Experimental Department of De Porceleyne Fles (Delft Blue) in Delft. In 1971 she moved to the Caribbean with her husband Dito Abbad. First they lived in Bonaire, then went to Curaçao where she set up her studio. She experimented a great deal with the structure(s) of clay, glaze recipes, and was a ceramics teacher at the Akademia di Arte, which had just opened.

Bettie Abbad van Lange exhibited throughout the Netherlands, in Germany and countless times in Curaçao (25 exhibitions in total). Her work has been acquired by the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam, the Porceleyne Fles in Delft, the 'Rijkscollectie' in The Hague, the Municipal Museum of Arnhem, the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia, and is also in private collections in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Curaçao, Venezuela, Aruba and Costa Rica. In Curaçao her work is also in corporate collections such as the Court of Justice, SVB and the Sint Elisabeth Gasthuis (our former hospital)

Pottery Nomad | Pixel Explorer



Haruko Greenberg
Mariette Arkenbout

Opening Saturday June 5
10.00 AM- 2.00 PM
Exhibition till July 10.

Haruko Greenberg and Mariëtte Arkenbout have a special position in our community as they are the spouses of the American consul general Allen Greenberg and the Dutch representative Erwin Arkenbout. These ‘spouses of’ also happen to be remarkable creative women who share their uniqueness through their art with others wherever they are -or rather wherever the jobs of their husbands take them.

Haruko Greenberg connects to where she is through clay. She literally discovers the new country by working with her hands creating pottery pieces as a personal salute to the place she has been welcomed to. The strong sun of Curaçao, colorful buildings of Willemstad, and beautiful nature of the island inspired her to make pottery with vibrant colors and natural texture. “My pottery is a sum of all the places where I lived and the experiences I have had there with people.  As I travel from one place to another, my creations have spread in various parts of the world.  What a joy and privilege to imagine my piece can be in someone’s hand, holding a warm cup of coffee, spending a happy little moment of someone’s life somewhere!”

With Mariëtte Arkenbout it's all about movement, light, and colors as they are caught on film and in photographs. She is a storyteller who no longer needs words. She uses images and works on them with a variety of techniques and materials to play out her story and see where it leads to. A sewing machine being one of her tools. This artist is a professional photographer who seems no longer interested in the final result of a picture. The end result for her is the starting point to explore and study the infinite possibilities of what could happen with a photograph or a still after its final version. “Exploring the visual world of images is my passion. Whereas I started my career in writing, sometimes taking pictures for magazines and street photography, I discovered that the storytelling fashion and dance world where your imagination can run wild was more my cup of tea. Usually, I choose a series of pics and start exploring. I use ribbons, paint, and a sewing machine to create my collages. “

MEET THE ARTISTS Di muraya pa muraya


Meet the Artists Di muraya pa muraya
Arte di muralista kontemporaneo
From wall to wall
Art by contemporary muralists

Saturday May 29
10.00 AM- 2.00 PM

Participating artists: Avantia Damberg, Francis Sling, Garrick Marchena, Jhomar Loaiza, Johanna Franco Zapata and Sander van Beusekom

You are cordially invited to come by and meet all six artists, have a chat, listen to what they have been up to and what is coming up next in their careers.
In the past years, especially the city center of Curaçao has seen a large number of murals appear on her walls.  They are expressions of a positive outlook. In addition to being bold and colorful, they convey a message to the viewer and empower the youth and neighborhoods, allowing everybody to see the hidden beauty of their own ‘bario’ with renewed hope.
Avantia Damberg, Francis Sling, Garrick Marchena, Jhomar Loaiza, Johanna Franco Zapata and Sander van Beusekom are some of the many muralists who contributed to this development on the island.
You can meet all six of them on this last day of the exhibition.

Catalogue Di muraya pa muraya


Di muraya pa muraya
Arte di muralista kontemporaneo
From wall to wall
Art by contemporary muralists

Participants: Avantia Damberg, Francis Sling, Garrick Marchena, Jhomar Loaiza, Johanna Franco Zapata and Sander van Beusekom

Digital Catalogue
Enjoy our current exhibition by clicking on this link  Catalogue Di muraya pa muraya - Arte di muralista kontemporáneo.
Scroll through the catalogue to experience the diversity of their work from the comfort of your home.  See something you like? Contact us via info@bloemhof.cw.

Di muraya pa muraya


Di muraya pa muraya
Arte di muralista kontemporaneo
From wall to wall
Art by contemporary muralists

Participants: Avantia Damberg, Francis Sling, Garrick Marchena, Jhomar Loaiza, Johanna Franco Zapata and Sander van Beusekom

February 13 to May 29, 2021

In the past years, especially the city center of Curaçao has seen a large number of murals appear on her walls.  They are expressions of a positive outlook often used to cover up crumbling dwellings.
In addition to being bold and colorful, they convey a message to the viewer and empower the youth and neighborhoods, allowing everybody to see the hidden beauty of their own ‘bario’ with renewed hope.
Avantia Damberg, Francis Sling, Garrick Marchena, Jhomar Loaiza, Johanna Franco Zapata and Sander van Beusekom are some of the many muralists who contributed to this development on the island.

Avantia Damberg is a multidisciplinary visual artist who started her artistic career with video art and animation and now focuses on collages in the broadest sense. She has painted several murals in Punda such as the 'Pundawings' and the tribute to our ‘Hidden Heroes’. In Otrobanda 'Colorful Steps' and the 'OTC tiles stairs' in collaboration with the Kaya Kaya artists are her showstoppers.  She recently finished a tribute to the immigrant population of Suffisant at the Odulio Willems Stadion.

Francis Sling is a graphic designer with a passion for music, sculpture and poetry. His paintings can be regarded as a poetic expression in color. Francis' very first mural in 2014 is the 360 ° rendition of the underwater world at the Dolphin Academy. Besides a growing number of murals in Curaçao, Francis also painted several in Aruba and in the 'International Youth Hostel Mandala' in Xining, China.

Garrick Marchena studied civil engineering and started painting in the area of Saliña in 2003. In 2009 he made his first street mural called 'Urban Angel' under the alias 'Zigski'. In recent years Garrick has painted several murals in both Curaçao, Cuba and his native island Aruba. His well-known 'Angelito Negro' was for many a first encounter with his work and for fellow artists a push to make murals in the city center.

Jhomar Loaiza is a Venezuelan artist inspired by the African roots of the Caribbean. He studied art in Coro.  In 2013 he participated in ‘The Longest Painting Festival’ here and was noticed. His first mural in Curaçao covers the doors of Ashley Mauricia's studio at Plaza Piar in Punda. He since moved to Curaçao and now has work scattered all over the island. His striking use of color and expression stand out from far.

Johanna Franco Zapata started her art education at the Instituto Buena Bista (IBB) and then went on to study Visual Arts in the Netherlands.  Art does not stand still and has different perspectives and in this process the Colombian artist takes up the challenge of constantly rediscovering herself. Her first mural, ‘Franco & Zapata’ was painted in the gardens of the IBB in 2014. One of her most recent public art projects is the revamping of the guardhouse on the way to ‘Grote Knip’ Beach.

Sander van Beusekom studied Art Direction at the Junior Academy in Amsterdam. Together with his sister Nicole, he runs the graphic design agency BLEND Creative Imaging. He is co-founder of Street Art Skalo which aims to refurbish and beautify neighborhoods, and to promote local talent. In 2019 he was commissioned by CTB to make the mural 'Tickle Me Curaçao' in Wynwood, Miami, in anticipation of the Art Basel Art Fair.

The Journey of a Sculptor


The Journey of a Sculptor
From Clay to Stone

By Hortence Brouwn

Date: December 19, 2020 . Extended till February 6

The Journey of a Sculptor - From Clay to Stone
With the exhibition 'The Journey of a Sculptor - from Clay to Stone' Hortence allows the public to discover the creative journey she has gone through as an artist. For more than half a century, numerous works of art have been created by Hortence. She has exhibited locally and internationally. Her work is on display at public places and much of her work has been purchased by private collectors around the world. Although she has an outside workshop in the garden and has exhibited at several occasions in group shows, this is her first solo at Landhuis Bloemhof.
Her work varies in shape, material, and style. Over the years she has worked in clay, cement, and a variety of stones from different countries and the 'Tafelberg'. "When working with clay you work from the inside out and when working with stone you work from the outside in".

About Hortence Brouwn (1937, Surinam)
Hortence Brouwn grew up in Paramaribo, Surinam in a loving family. She studied mathematics and worked as a math teacher. During this period, she also took courses at the art academy in Paramaribo.
In 1963 Hortence moved to the Netherlands to continue with her mathematics education and to study sculpture more closely. Ten years later she moved to Curaçao.

Extra activities
A tour along the various artworks of Hortence in public places on the island is in the planning depending of the government measures regarding the COVID-19.

The exhibition 'The Journey of a Sculptor - From Clay to Stone' can be seen until January 30, 2021. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 09:00 am to 1:00 pm she works in her open workplace in the garden of Bloemhof. If you want to make sure you meet Hortence during your visit, feel free to make an appointment with her tel. 5404863. You will then be personally guided by her.

Go to the Online Catalogue 




By Gwen Garcia

Date: November 7 till December 5

Profundo is all about Gwen Garcia’s close encounters with himself, expressed in wooden sculptures. "My emotions, my pride and my identity … all I am is in this exhibition."
As a sculptor Gwen has a style that is not so typical. Gwen combines different types of wood and seeks a connection between them through the growth rings of each piece. Creating a new unity.

For Gwen the growth rings symbolize the Garcia family's deeply rooted relationship with art and with each other. His mother always assisted his father, painter Wilson Garcia, with setting up his exhibitions. She was the driving force behind his father, but also behind Gwen. “You have to do something with your drawings, etchings and paintings,” mom said. She apparently saw much more than I did or wanted to see at the time. She never gave up trying to get through to me.”

After Gwen’s mom died in 2018, Gwen embraced his passion for sculpting and decided that it was time to show his work to the world. The influence of Gwen’s father can also be traced in Gwen’s sculptures. Subtle undertones and hidden layers invite the observer to come closer, take a second and a third look just to discover yet again something new.

Exhibition Catalogue Profundo by Gwen Garcia

‘Profundo’ is an ode to Gwen's parents. Some paintings by his father Wilson Garcia will also be part of the exhibition. And the very first sculpture Gwen made titled ‘Huntu pa semper’ will only be on display during the opening day. This sculpture is dedicated to the memory of Gwen’s mother. The exhibition 'Profundo' can be seen from November 7 to December 5, 2020 and is supported by the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Caribbean Area.

About the artist
Gwen Garcia (Curaçao 1964) left for the Netherlands after finishing high school at Radulphus College to study General Subjects at the Conservatory in Utrecht. After a year he switched to history and drawing at the Stichting Leraren Opleiding. For the past thirty years Gwen made a living working in ICT as a Technical Consultant Unix / Linux. He will soon start a new challenge with training as a furniture maker / (ship) interior builder.

Temp’i mi Ten


Temp'i mi Ten
Selebrando Bida

By Saida Hernandez

Date: September 18 till October 31

The exhibition Temp’i mi ten - selebrando bida (From my time - celebrate life) shows a nostalgic collection of stories captured on canvas. These detailed stories of Curaçao in years gone by may be considered as a unique and original contribution to the preservation of our cultural heritage. Chandeliers, rocking chairs, Thonet wicker furniture, side tables, crocheted tablecloths, balconies with wooden shutters and nostalgic vistas. Everything delicately finished with the warm, cheerful colors that are so typical of Saida’s personality and her work.

Saida Hernandez (Curaçao, 1935)
Temp’i mi ten - selebrando bida is Saida's sixth solo exhibition. She has participated in several group exhibitions. In 1981 she held her first exhibition at the Curaçao Museum and again in 2005 and this marks her 4th solo at Landhuis Bloemhof.

Saida Hernandez was one of Telecuraçao's first female newscasters and program makers. She is best known for her cooking show ‘Kushina di Oro’ and the various cookbooks she has published.

‘Temp’i mi ten – selebrando bida’ can be seen until October 31, 2020. Landhuis Bloemhof is located at Santa Rosaweg 6, next to café 'Tap Maar In' and is open from Tuesday to Saturday between 9:00 and 14: 00 hours non-stop, info@bloemhof.cw, www.bloemhof.cw. Like us on Facebook. Landhuis Bloemhof is wheelchair friendly and the guidelines regarding hygiene and social distancing are applied at Bloemhof.





Opening Thurday July 2
Exhibition till September 12

Unlocked - Art Treasures of Curaçao
After the Lockdown we wanted to do something positive for all local artists. And the idea of 'Unlocked' was born. We changed our exhibition program and sent out an open call to visual artists working and residing on the island. More than 30 artists signed up right away. With this spontaneously organized exhibition Landhuis Bloemhof invites Curacao to get (re)acquainted with our current contemporary art scene.

Participating artists:
Annemieke Dicke, Ariadne Faries, Babette de Waele, Bert Knubben, Christy Beaujon, Doggis, Ellen Spijkstra, Francis Sling, Giovanni Abath, Giovani Zanolino, Gwen Anderson, Johanna Franco Zapata, Krista van der Meyden, Maghalie George, Marcel van Duijneveldt, Marjon Wegman, Marlies Schoenmakers, Michèle Russel - Capriles, Philippe Zanolino, Philip Rademaker, PitoPolo, Quirine van Eps, Ria Houwen, Rien te Hennepe, Robert van Haren, Rochelle Monte, Saida Hernandez, Susan Rudolf, Suzet Rosaria.
The Cathedral of Thorns by Herman van Bergen featuring over 40 works of arts by different other artists and the sculpture garden of Hortence Brouwn are also part of the exhibition. Both are permanent attractions on the premises of Landhuis Bloemhof.

Unlocked is an exhibition within an exhibition, with each artist getting his or her own space in the Landhuis or its surroundings. We are also hosting many interactive activities during the exhibition period.

UNLOCKED exhibition catalogue