Caribbean Spice



Caribbean Spice
by Lesley Peterson

April 26 - May 18


Landhuis Bloemhof is presenting 'Caribbean Spice,' featuring acrylic paintings by Lesley Peterson.
'Caribbean Spice' is not just an exhibition of paintings; it is an invitation to explore the unseen, to consider the possibilities beyond the known, and to engage in stories that linger on.

Inspiration and artistic vision

Lesley Peterson draws inspiration from the vibrant life stories of the people of Curaçao, weaving a narrative that cuts across the superficial and plunges into the depths of human experience. His paintings, rich in Caribbean flavor, are not only visual representations but rather windows into the multidimensional universe of time and space.

Peterson's artistic outlook is guided by a profound curiosity about the inner lives of individuals, driven by the belief that identity is shaped through experience. The artist's exploration of these hidden stories is reflected in his reminiscent landscapes, portraits, and impressions of old buildings and alleys, each carrying the weight of its own history and life story.

Peterson's connection to the Caribbean region spans generations. He acknowledges the Caribbean as the place where he finds his inspiration and his unique touch that spreads through his body of work. His paintings go beyond the material world, offering viewers a glimpse into the different dimensions that coexist within our everyday life.

About the artist

Lesley Peterson, born on the island of St. Maarten in 1943, has been painting since his teenage years. Beginning with oils on canvas at the age of 15 and sold his first paintings while still a student at the age of 18. Despite his 42-year-long career in education, where he retired at the age of 62, Peterson never stopped cultivating his passion for art. As a self-taught artist, he continuously expanded his skills and knowledge by reading about painting techniques and art history, by participating in workshops, and by visiting numerous museums and galleries in Europe and the USA.

Peterson was a founding member of the art foundation ‘Libertas’ in the seventies. His artistic journey evolved from surrealism to what he calls ‘symbolic realism’. Post-retirement, he dedicates his time to both painting and teaching painting skills to adults and teenagers. With several successful exhibitions on the island, Peterson's artistic talent has been recognized and celebrated.

In his book ‘Timeless Illusions’ (2023), Lesley Peterson opens up about his artistic journey, providing insights into his body of work and the evolution of his painting style. His philosophy on art is summed up by the phrase: "In the essence of all things, there is the magic of timeless illusions. Just change your perspective to see this magic."

Meet the artist and paint along

On Saturdays May 4 and 11, Lesley Peterson will be at Landhuis Bloemhof between 10:00 and 12:00 where he will greet guests and have a chat. On May 18th, the last day of the exhibition, he will guide a painting workshop from 9:00 to 12:00. To register please contact or via whatsapp +5999-7375775

A to Z II


A to Z II
An ABC of Curaçao Art



April 6 to 18


Landhuis Bloemhof is excited to announce its exhibition, "A to Z II – An ABC of Curaçao Art", set to take place in the first week of April. This exhibition presents a diverse collection of artworks from private collections, capturing artistic expressions between 1948 and 2024 of renowned, contemporary, and emerging artists.

Running for two weeks, from April 6 to 20, the exhibition is a celebration of creativity, with each letter representing the last name of a featured artist. Visitors will have the unique opportunity to experience a curated selection providing an exclusive glimpse into the world of private art collections, none of which will be available for sale.

Among the 26 artists featured in the exhibition are Ocalia and Nepomuceno, whose body of work has left an indelible mark in the world of self-taught artists. The show will also shine a spotlight on the late Arlette da Costa Gomez, Ariadne Faries, May Henriquez, Tony Monsanto and Marjon Wegman among others.

Adding an exciting dimension to the exhibition are emerging artists such as Adara Godschalk, Kati Qui and Timothy Voges with their fresh perspectives and unique artistic voices, making this exhibition a must-attend for art enthusiasts and collectors.

A – Z shows art by Giovanni Abath, Hortence Brouwn, José Maria Capricorne, Arlette Da Costa Gomez, Lucila Engels, Ariadne Faries, Adara Godschalk, May Henriquez, Iversona, Elis Juliana, Yubi Kirindongo, Ruben Lake, Tony Monsanto, Maximiliano Nepomuceno, Hipólito Ocalia, Suzanne Perlman, Kati Qui, Michèle Russel - Capriles, Ellen Spijkstra, Roberto Tjon – A – Meeuw, UFO, Timothy Voges, Marjon Wegman, X Restore, J. Yssel - Muiden and Philippe Zanolino

Look at Us Now


Look at Us Now
Art Students of Radulphus College



Opening March 22


Landhuis Bloemhof opens its doors to talented art students of the Radulphus College to exhibit their graduation work.

The students created work based on the Rijksmuseum's online exhibitions Slavery and Look at me now, in which online visitors were guided by, among others Curaçao artists David Bade and Tirzo Martha.
The students were also able to visit the Landhuis Bloemhof exhibition Sorry… in 2023 where they also had the opportunity to talk to a number of artists.

These formed the starting point for the student's own research.

The participants are: Aaron Angela, Valentina Ballesteros, Chantal Ferreira, Nethanja Gomez, Kimberly  Gonsalves, Jingwen Guo, Lucile Haseth, Kyan Henriquez, Lea-Louise Hieroms, Noëly Job, Razzine Job, Kimberly Johnson, Naysah Kelly, Thaesally de Lima, Alejandra Luna Cortina, Deva-Dee Martina, Marcela Medina Camejo, Stephany Moreta De Los Santo, Angelica Salas, Brevin Sanchez, David Schotborgh, Chiara Stacie, Sonny Tjon-A-Meeuw, Angelina Ursulita, Tehilah Verplaats, Cristina Wu, Shi Ying Wu, Nirjha Adwani, Edsel Anthonij, Hector Arguelles Perez, Antonia Ayala Ayala, Viènna Babetti, Mie Wah Chan, Jeanalys Chapman Cera, Charlize Cicilia, Elizabeth Contreras Rojas, Kayla Cratz, Ria D'Souza, Gabriella Flocker, Ariana de Freitas, Ainne Fullinck, Angelina Galvis, Talisa Gomez, Gabriela Hammoud, Gianna van der Hans, Gedeon Hanson, Tyara Ignacio, Dunstan Lagerveld, Tisaidy Louisa Isebia, Keanah Martina, Shainalies Martina, Emiy Mei Zhu, Olivia Morris, Eliana Roosje, Geranny Vanderhorst Contreras and Chloë Wauben.

The festive opening of 'Look at Us now' will take place on March 22 at 7 pm, and everyone is invited. The exhibition will then be open until March 30.

Symbiosis II


Symbiosis II
Sculptures by Brigitte Wawoe
and Angel Luis de la Rosa
Photography by Paul Senders



Opening February 17


You are invited to Symbiosis II, showcasing a blend of mixed media stone sculptures by the dynamic duo, Brigitte Wawoe and Angel Luis de la Rosa. Building on the success of their first collaboration at Landhuis Bloemhof in 2022, Symbiosis II promises to be a visual feast for art enthusiasts.

This time around, the artistic synergy extends beyond Brigitte and Angel, with guest artist Paul Senders adding an unique dimension to the exhibition. Paul shows photographs of the surroundings of their inspiring studio. 

Symbiosis II: A symphony of stone, metal, wood and photography
Brigitte Wawoe and Angel Luis de la Rosa are both sculptors. Brigitte, known for her abstract creations from Tafelberg stone, joins forces with Angel, whose figurative work comes to life with metal and wood.
Their collaboration began in 2015 when Brigitte enlisted Angel's help in her workshop. What ensued was a remarkable transformation, leading to their joint venture in sculpture-making in 2017. The culmination of these three years of intense collaboration resulted in the 2020 exhibition 'Symbiosis' at Landhuis Bloemhof.

For Angel, working alongside Brigitte was a leap out of his comfort zone, shifting from figurative to abstract art. This creative process not only influenced Angel's approach but also clearly accentuated the unifying power of art, transcending individual differences in working styles, gender, age, and culture.

Joining this artistic symbiosis is Paul Senders, a multi-talented designer, artist, maker, and photographer. With his camera, Paul documented the creative haven around Brigitte’s workshop at the Curaçao Mining Company, offering a unique perspective on their artistic surrounding. A curated selection of these photographs is featured during Symbiosis II.

About the visionaries: Brigitte Wawoe, Angel Luis de la Rosa Gonzáles, and Paul Senders

Brigitte Wawoe
Born in Heidelberg, Germany, in 1939, Brigitte's artistic journey has spanned various continents. While currently residing in The Netherlands, she frequently returns to Curaçao, where her sculpture studio hides on the east side of the Tafelberg at Fuik Bay. A versatile artist, Brigitte's mastery extends beyond sculpture, encompassing media like painting and glass art. Her stone sculptures, characterized by abstraction and intuition, invite viewers to explore hidden forms. With exhibitions worldwide, Brigitte continues to captivate audiences with her ever-evolving artistry.

Angel Luis de la Rosa Gonzáles
Hailing from Santiago de Cuba, Angel's journey into the world of art began at the Academia de Artes Plásticas José Joaquín Tejada in Cuba. Specializing in sculpture and drawings, Angel's artistic exploration led him initially to embrace the versatility of wood. In 2009, he brought his skills to Curaçao, where he has since had solo exhibitions, collaborations with local artists, and made a mark in international exhibitions. Angel's introduction into the Dutch art scene in 2023 garnered attention, with work displayed at the 'Nationale Kunstdagen' in Gorinchem and PAN Amsterdam.

Paul Senders
A seasoned artist and designer, Paul's journey began at the art Academy in Tilburg and later the Academy for Industrial Design in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. His work, a harmonious blend of art and functionality, is mostly made with wood, metal, and synthetic materials. Paul is also a photographer, capturing the essence of artistic processes. His presence during Brigitte and Angel's working sessions resulted in a collection of evocative photographs that provide a glimpse into the creative setting that surrounds them while at work.

Visit Symbiosis II, where the artistic endeavors of Brigitte Wawoe, Angel Luis de la Rosa, and Paul Senders come together in a celebration of creativity, collaboration, and unique perspectives.

Angel and Paul will be at Landhuis Bloemhof on Saturday mornings.

Exhibition ‘Punda to Bloemhof, A Creative Odyssey’


Exhibition 'Punda to Bloemhof
A Creative Odyssey'
by Art Collective Piso SERØ


Opening January 10


‘Punda to Bloemhof, A Creative Odyssey’ features a vibrant tapestry of Curacao's artistic expressions with artworks by Alejandra Cijntje, Andrew Thodé, Christian Peralta, Kerr de Lanooi, Noni Madeleine, Pito Polo, Sandra Zegarra Patow and Tamira Koeiman. The art collective, known for its radical approach to art and community engagement, invites visitors to step into an immersive world where the boundaries of creativity are as fluid as the Caribbean Sea that surrounds their island home.

In the heart of Punda, Piso SERØ stands as a dynamic multidisciplinary collective, a haven for a diverse group of individuals driven by a shared passion for creativity. Located on the ground floor of Casa Moderna on Madurostraat, this multifunctional space, divided into a gallery and atelier, serves as a vibrant hub for cultural events. Their mission is to defy the conventional and to blur the lines between the artist and the observer, empowering every individual to find their creative voice.

The works of art in Punda to Bloemhof, A Creative Odyssey not only showcase individual talents but a collective journey into the essence of Piso SERØ itself. “The Creative Odyssey is more than a journey; it's a living, evolving entity that mirrors the diversity of the Curaçao community. As the lines between artists and the community dissolve, ordinary people become co-creators in a celebration of shared creativity, proving that in the world of Piso SERØ, creativity indeed knows no boundaries”, says Piso SERØ co-founder Christian Peralta.

The artists
Alejandra Cijntje 
(based in Curaçao)is a self-taught artist on a continuous journey of self-discovery. Her artistic research mainly focuses on nuances and archetypes present in the Caribbean human existence, emotions, and dynamics. This practice pushes her deeper into awareness of collective patterns, individualism, contemporary folklore, and symbolism. Cijntje participated in a few group exhibitions at Landhuis Bloemhof including ‘Lus riba Nanzi’ and ‘Art for the Roses’.

For Andrew Thodé (based in Curaçao), art has been an outlet and a tool for self-reflection through his struggles with burnout and depression. He works with mixed media, mostly acrylic paint and collage. His work serves as an instrument for engaging with and addressing pressing issues in society. Through his creations, he strives to evoke thought and inspire dialogue, using art as the aim of understanding each other and our differences better.

Christian Peralta (based in Curaçao / founder of Piso SERØ) is a versatile artist whose journey spans various creative disciplines - from poetry to music and visual storytelling. In recent years, he focused on visual art, particularly painting. With roots dating back to 2015 in the artist community, his work reflects a rich tapestry of experiences and collaborations. In 'Punda to Bloemhof, A Creative Odyssey,' he showcases the profound impact of community and invites viewers on a limitless creative journey. In the beginning of 2023 Peralta had a successful solo exhibition at Landhuis Bloemhof titled ‘Quit my job, paint your life’.

The central theme in the paintings of Kerr de Lanooi (a.k.a Sè, based in Curaçao/ co-founder Piso SERØ), revolves around celebrating black intellectuals. His work is a fusion of dreams, rebellious spirit, the more refined romanticized impressionism, and mystery. He continues to explore and express his unique perspective, bridging the gap between dreams and reality.

“Painting feels like a form of therapy for me”, says Noni Madeleine (based in The Netherlands). She explores themes such as her emotional realm, race, her experiences as a woman of color and generational healing. Integrating these themes into her art serves as a vessel to express herself and raise awareness about these issues.

PITOPOLO (based in Curaçao/ co-founder Piso SERØ) always had a curiosity for art and design. This love came to fruition once he joined the University of Curaçao. It was in that environment that he stumbled upon graphic design, photography and film. His work focuses mainly on human behavior, specifically the relationship between men and art. PITOPOLO has been participating in exhibitions at Landhuis Bloemhof for years. Most recent are ‘Unlocked’, ‘Lus riba Nanzi’ and ‘Sorry,...’.

Photography work by Sandra Zegarra Patow (a.k.a. DJ Veinte Uñas based in The Netherlands) is directed by her intuition, beliefs, and the connection she establishes with the subjects. This approach is not only based on how she develops her projects but also on how she directs her path in life. She gets fueled by her Peruvian roots and its influence on culture, traditions, and history. For this particular exhibition she is showing a collection that was shot during 2021 in Curaçao titled “Lunula; Uña i Kultura”. Lunula refers to the half circle we all have at the base of our nails.

Tamira Koeiman (based in The Netherlands) uses photography to explore her relationship with (black) men. The central theme in her recent work explores her love for them but also her profound struggle in connection to them. She is predominantly inspired by the Curaçao culture, the island’s surroundings in a specific sense and by the mystery of life in a broader sense.

Exhibition Pashon


Gwen Garcia


Opening December 2 | 10.30 AM


Pashon: Gwen Garcia's wooden sculptures unveiled in Landhuis Bloemhof

The captivating work of Gwen Garcia takes center stage once again after his first ever exhibition at Landhuis Bloemhof back in 2020. This self-taught sculptor born in Curaçao, invites viewers to explore the interplay of emotions, pride, and identity through his passion in his highly anticipated exhibition titled Pashon, which will open on Saturday December 2 at 10:30 AM. Pashon will be showing till January 6, 2024. 

Unconventional journey 

Gwen Garcia's journey as a sculptor is unconventional yet deeply profound. As a self-taught wood sculptor, he merges different wood types to create an entirely new narrative through the growth rings of each piece. These growth rings symbolize the enduring connection that the Garcia family has with both art and with each other.

Garcia experimented with alternative materials like glass, metal and stone, but over the past two years, Garcia has expanded his repertoire to include tree trunks and a variety of woods such as mahogany, medlar and willow. This exploration unveiled subtle influences of his father within his sculptures. Gwen is the oldest son of the acclaimed painter Wilson Garcia. This intricately layered oeuvre triggers the observers to look closer, encouraging them to discover hidden stories within.

Gwen Garcia's mother, who passed away in 2018, remains a constant source of inspiration. Her unwavering belief in her son's talent led him to embrace his passion for sculpting and share his work with the world. In Gwen's own words, "You have to do something with your drawings, etchings, and paintings, mom said. She apparently saw much more than I did, or wanted to see at the time. She never gave up trying to get through to me."

Garcia's journey is one of transformation. After finishing high school in Curaçao, he left for the Netherlands, where he initially pursued studies at the Conservatory in Utrecht before transitioning to history and drawing. For over thirty years, he made a career in ICT as a Technical Consultant and today he works as a consultant at a large company in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

His artistic path took a pivotal turn in 2020 when he held his first-ever exhibition, Profundo at Landhuis Bloemhof, supported by the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Caribbean Region. This exhibition was a heartfelt tribute to Gwen's parents.

With the exhibition Pashon Gwen Garcia moves away from introspective reflections to delve into how people perceive their history and legacy, encompassing the original inhabitants, government, slavery, birth, death, and the complex realities of the modern world.

Artist Talk

Mark your calendars for this exceptional exhibition, which runs from December 2nd, 2023, to January 6th, 2024, at Landhuis Bloemhof. On Thursday December 14th we invite you to his Artist Talk, where he will talk about his artistic explorations from 7 PM to 9 PM.

Threads of Nature


Threads of Nature:
Textile Inspirations
A Duo Exhibition by Ailsa Anastatia
and Sandra Golbert - de Aldrey


Opening October 14


"Threads of Nature: Textile Inspirations" is a must-see exhibition that brings together the unique perspectives of two artists, each with a deep commitment to exploring the intricate connections between humanity and the environment. The exhibition will be showing until November 25, 2023.  

The artists: Sandra Golbert - de Aldrey / Ailsa Anastatia
Sandra Golbert - de Aldrey, a self-taught master of fiber art, takes viewers on a colorful voyage with her hand-dyed silk, surface design and fabric manipulation. From her early days designing dolls' clothes, which she still does and sells on Etsy, to having her designs grace the pages of ‘Vogue’ magazine and ‘Architectural Digest’, Golbert's artistic journey has been nothing short of exceptional. Her artwork, which began on the body; designing costumes for carnivals and for Broadway theater and dresses for debutants and brides, now adorns large hotel walls and spaces. Sandra, who was born in Puerto Rico, has a special connection with Curacao. She used to live on the island in the 70’s where she would spend her days creating for commissions, shows and exhibitions. With a deep love for the sea and vibrant tropical flora, Golbert's art embodies the essence of island life while seamlessly integrating neutral tones in her silk creations. Sandra participated in many exhibitions, solo and group, throughout the years like the exhibition titled “9x9x3” at the American Craft Museum (now the Museum of Art and Design) in New York City. This show traveled throughout the US for 4 years. She also has a piece in the Zimmerli Museum at Rutgers University, in the permanent collection of the National Association of Women Artists. Her work can be found in many countries, in residences, corporate offices and hotels in the USA, the Caribbean, South America and in Puerto Rico.

Ailsa Anastatia attended the Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts before finalizing her formal education at the Amsterdam University of the Arts in The Netherlands. Anastatia has many solo and group exhibitions under her belt and her artwork is displayed in collections in the USA, South America, the Caribbean, and The Netherlands. Anastatia is a versatile artist that explores diverse themes, from spirituality and memories to cultural heritage and ecological issues impacting Curaçao. Ailsa Anastatia, in her recent series titled "Resilient Horizons", made possible by the Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds, invites viewers to pass through her artistic journey that interweaves untouched landscapes with human-altered ones. Her works thoughtfully narrate Curaçao's evolving landscapes and emphasize the importance of acknowledging historical imprints while fostering optimism for the future. 

To learn more about the interplay of fabric, texture, and the profound connection between art and nature, we invite you to meet both artists on Tuesday October 17 at 7 PM. Sandra Golbert - de Aldrey will also be talking about silk painting.

Join us at Landhuis Bloemhof from October 14 to November 25, 2023, to experience the artistry of Ailsa Anastatia and Sandra Golbert - de Aldrey in this exceptional exhibition.




Roberto Tjon A Meeuw



August 26 till October 7


Prepare to be captivated by the artistry of Roberto Tjon A Meeuw as Landhuis Bloemhof invites you to embark on a transformative journey through his latest exhibition titled Lanta! This mixed media exhibition featuring creations made with washed up plastic and wood, iron and paint is set to open on Saturday, August 26 at 11 AM at Landhuis Bloemhof. Lanta! will grace the art scene until October 7th, offering visitors a chance to delve into the multifaceted art of Tjon A Meeuw.

Roberto's creations echo a profound message - an urgent call to restore harmony with nature. He stands as a messenger and artist-philosopher whose every creation births a dialogue between humanity and its natural habitat. Tjon A Meeuw beckons us to reimagine, repurpose, and rediscover the relationship between humans and the environment. His works are testament to the spirit of an artist on a mission to reshape the world.

During the exhibition Roberto Tjon A Meeuw will be present in the garden of Landhuis Bloemhof on Saturdays from 9 AM to 12 PM. He will be working during the mornings, and anyone interested is welcome to join in and create a piece for the Whimsical Tree in Bloemhof's courtyard. Additionally, a Meet the Artist evening will be organized during which Roberto will discuss the messages conveyed by his works and engage with the audience in discussions about tangible actions taken on the island. Lastly, the exhibition will culminate in a festive closing with musical beats by Roberto and Mathijs Rijne, renowned particularly in the Netherlands for fusing local traditional music with a modern twist.

About the artist
Hailing originally from Suriname, Roberto Tjon A Meeuw has enriched the creative tapestry of Curaçao for nearly 12 years. He has various exhibitions under his belt in Curaçao, Suriname, Tobago and The Netherlands. Furthermore, he worked on many special projects like building a playground out of recycled materials, furniture for restaurants and establishments, commissioned murals and creative workshops in Curaçao and Suriname. 

Renowned for his art installations crafted from repurposed materials, Roberto's most well-known work in Curaçao stands proudly as the 9-meter-long "Piská." Nestled within the heart of the Scharloo neighborhood, this recycled fish takes center stage in Parke Leyba.

The idea behind "Piská" emerged from Roberto's deep-seated concern for marine pollution plaguing our shores. Rallying island schoolchildren to partake, Roberto orchestrated the birth of a plastic art piece which underscores the power of collective action.

Beyond his artistic endeavors, Roberto's identity is intertwined with the rhythm of the waves, a seasoned surfer who bridges his artistic pursuits with his role as a stay-at-home father. His home remains his sanctuary. Within these premises his sons bear witness to his creative process. In Roberto's philosophy, being a father and an artist seamlessly intertwine. His aspirations were always rooted in awakening consciousness. His creations serve as vessels to realign humanity's trajectory, reflecting the urgency to reconcile with nature. 

Lanta! will be showing until October 7th, 2023. Landhuis Bloemhof, Santa Rosaweg 6, open from Tuesday through Saturday from 9 AM to 2 PM. For more information: or call/whatsapp (5999) 7375775. 










June 30 till August 19


ART Exhibition 'Sorry,...' reflecting on Dutch slave trade apology 

The thought-provoking exhibition 'Sorry,...' opened on June 30th, Landhuis Bloemhof, with inspiring artworks by 19 contributors. The inauguration featured performances by Nohely Simon, Ralph Winedt and Nathania Engelhardt.

Visitors have the opportunity to engage with the artists, gain insights into their creative processes, and discover the profound narratives interwoven within their works. The exhibition 'Sorry,...' will be on display until August 19.

About 'Sorry,...'
The exhibition derives its name from the historic apology made on December 19, 2022, by the Dutch Kingdom's Prime Minister, Mr. Mark Rutte, acknowledging the role the Dutch government played over time in the slave trade that deeply impacted Curaçao and many other countries. 'Sorry,...' invites visitors to explore the artists' personal perspectives on the apology and its significance in a variety of art forms, including mixed media, paintings, ceramic, stone and wooden sculptures, and more. Each artwork delves into the complex and emotional layers surrounding this historical event, fostering dialogue and understanding.

'Sorry,...' showcases a variety of art works by Ailsa Anastatia, Bethyamin van Nieuwenhuijzen, Ellen Spijkstra, Esther Reyerse, Gerlof Bouma, Miah de Sousa, Gwen Anderson, Kemuël Sandries, Laica Leito, Maghalie George, Margarita Haakmat, Nohely Simon, Paul Senders, Pito Polo, Raily Yance, Richard Doest, Rochelle Monte, Rose Ann Ignacio and Ruthson Cecilia.

You can see the online catalogue here.

'Sorry,...' will be on until August 19, allowing ample time for visitors to delve into the diverse range of artworks and contemplate their personal responses. Throughout the exhibition, several events will take place.

The highlights of the events include:
Travelling Dialogue started on July 2nd in Otrobanda, continuing each week at a different locations. It's an interactive dialogue session inviting the public to share perspectives on the apology and the ongoing impact of slave trading. This event is presented in collaboration with Gray Area -audiovisual & artistic production - and Carrying Narratives
Dates are July 2 Brionplein- Otrobanda, July 14 Mi Lucha Snack- Santa Maria, July 22 Sentro di Bario Montaña and July 30 at Kas di Kuenta in Santa Cruz. All dialogues from 5 pm to 7 pm.

Family Names Lecture on July 8th was an interactive presentation by Christel Monsanto about the origin of family names in Curaçao, exploring their connections to the island's history. The presentation is conducted mainly in Dutch but not excluding Papiamentu and English.

Our closing event, Sorry,... on Stage on August 11th is a multidisciplinary event brought to you by musicians, thinkers, dancers, writers and performers of Curaçao. Some are young, some are older, some are well known and some are underground talents. Read more.

Schreeuw van de Stilte / Avondlicht (Cry of Silence / Evening Light)


Schreeuw van de Stilte - Avondlicht
Cry of Silence- Evening Light



Opening Saturday May 20


Showing new oil paintings by Wilson Garcia and assemblages by Ria Houwen.

Ode to friendship
This first duo exhibition is based on the longtime friendship between Garcia and Houwen and at the same time it is an expression of their mutual respect for each other’s artistic careers. Both are well-known and successful artists, with strong ties to Curaçao, who have known each other for years, but never exhibited their art together.

Garcia, through his oil paintings, advocates for Curaçao's artistic legacy. In Schreeuw van de Stilte (Cry of Silence), he wants to pay respect to those who paved foundations on artistic and creative levels. This is a cry to remind others not to forget them. "With my paintings, I want to honor Pacheco Domacassé, Diana Lebacs, Ced Ride, and also my wife, Ria Garcia. People who have inspired me and continue to inspire me."

For Houwen, Avondlicht (Evening Light) means the light that slips away. A last gentle touch. "It is an ode to a lifelong friendship, where memories are safely locked in the heart, and then suddenly surface, along with the realization of how precious they are. It's like life in mythological times, light-footed, as if you're being lifted. Friendships had wings. Now there is only a light, a last glow and a feeling of gratitude."

In Avondlicht, Ria Houwen presents a collection of assemblages called "Pandora's Box” which she first exhibited in 2002. These are small boxes, some slightly open and others wide open. They invite you to peek and examine closer. The boxes are transformed by recycled mixed media. Worn, torn, and old materials of which their history is still palpable. According to Houwen, these objects are the key to unlocking the secrets of the subconscious, a gateway to ancient times, myths, and fairy tales that still hold power today. They bear witness to lives once lived in a distant, forgotten world of dreams, desires, and dramas.

Wilson Garcia: colorful connections between people

Wilson Garcia is a Curaçaoan artist who has made a name for himself in education and in the art world on the island. He worked for years as a coordinator and teacher at the Akademia di Arte and as a visual arts teacher at the Akademia Pedagógiko. He also taught children aged 5 to 15 years old, promoting their creative minds. In addition, he illustrated numerous children's books and postage stamps for the Antillean postal service.

Even after his retirement, Garcia remains actively involved in education, for example through his work for the Fundashon Material pa Skol. In the Netherlands, he worked for the Institute for the Development of School Childcare. With his art and his commitment to education, Garcia has made a lasting contribution to the cultural richness of Curaçao and beyond.

In 2000, he moved to the Netherlands, where he continued painting. Garcia's art is personal and invites connection. He captures human interactions in his own characteristic way through sensual ton-sur-ton images. By directly mixing oil paint on the canvas, subtle transitions and nuances emerge in his work.

About Ria Houwen
Ria Houwen, a Dutch artist who called Curaçao her home for many years, is a fascinating and dynamic creator whose art has caught the attention of both local and international audiences. She taught at the Akademia di Arte, later became an art teacher at Radulphus College, and gave workshops both at home and on location.

Houwen's journey began at the Academy of Fine Arts in the Netherlands. She arrived in Curaçao in 1972, and soon thereafter made a name for herself in the local art scene with her first exhibition at 'galerie rg' in Punda in 1975. Since then, her work has taken her to many local and international exhibitions, establishing her name in the art world.

Houwen's work reflects her own personality, characterized by a remarkable tension between eroticism and spiritual life. This connects deeply with the Caribbean world where magic and reality are interwoven in a web of complexity. Her paintings reflect on the drama of the personal soul and connects it with the drama of the island, creating a stunning and unforgettable artistic experience.