The Bloemhof Experience

The Bloemhof Experience

The Bloemhof Experience:  6 different and unique experiences,
set on 17 acres surrrounding Landhuis Bloemhof


On the Bloemhof premises you will witness creativity in many different forms and shapes. Art, history, nature and even the art of food (and coffee!) are all present. Visit the Museum of Natural History, have breakfast or lunch at café Number Ten and hike through our ‘mondi’. Be amazed by the monumental work of art The Cathedral of Thorns as you stroll through our sculpture garden. Then get your souvenirs in the gift shop situated in our authentic country house where there is always something inspiring going on, or buy them at the Art Factory.

Spend the day with us and enjoy the Bloemhof Experience!

Landhuis Bloemhof

Landhuis Bloemhof is a cultural center surrounded by a natural park. Contemporary artists exhibit their work in this historical environment that can be traced back to 1735. Also on the premises: The Ex Libris May-Max, a library, archive, reading room dedicated to the arts, the former sculpture studio of May Henriquez, the original bath house with its adjoining water well and the ‘mondi’ trail, for all flora and fauna lovers. Stroll around and see more!

The Art Factory

The Art Factory is an on-the-job learning and work project for young people with a difficult background. The main goal of the Art Factory is to teach crafting skills in order to make original handcrafts and, by doing so, offer these young people a new opportunity in society.
Come and see for yourself what these youngsters are up to and support them by taking home a locally crafted gift!

Hortence Brouwn

Sculptor Hortence Brouwn has her own outdoor studio and sculpture exhibition in the gardens of Landhuis Bloemhof. On Tuesdays and Thursdays you can see her at work.
Hortence was born in Surinam where she also attended the art academy. She worked as a math teacher in Amsterdam before moving to Curaçao in 1973.

The Cathedral of Thorns

The Labyrinth/Cathedral of Thorns was designed by Herman van Bergen, winner of the prestigious Cola Debrot Award 2016. A large team comprising also unemployed youth helped build this prickly structure. This work of art that kicked off in 2014 was inaugurated on 02-02-2020. It unites all themes of Van Bergen's previous thorn-art sculptures into one huge monumental project honoring Mother Nature and the Free Spirit.

Number Ten

Number Ten is a feel-good-about-your-food kind of place where basic and wellness ingredients are served with a kind smile. You can feel the love that goes into every detail and that is an experience on its own.
Sip the best island barista coffee, fresh juices, infusions and homemade iced tea. Bite into a #10 bagel, eggs your way, acai bowl for breakfast or a delightful scrumptious sandwich and homemade pastries for lunch. Check our menu for more selections, gluten free options are also served.
Unwind with a mimosa, glass of wine, gin & tonic, espresso martini or another beverage of your choice, while you catch up with your friends and family. The enthusiastic Number Ten team awaits you to make you feel at home.

Museum of Natural History Curaçao

The Museum of Natural History Curaçao is the brainchild of Leon Pors and Michelle da Costa Gomez of the Curaçao Footprint Foundation. In February 2019 the Museum opened its doors on the Bloemhof estate with the mission to translate centuries old scientific information about Curaçao’s natural environment into comprehensive visualizations of ‘nature’s stories'. Drop in to see all kinds of animal skeletons, our geological timeline, that makes rocks look sexy, learn about shells, birds and many other creatures. Gain appreciation for our natural environment and become aware how you can help preserve it.