Open Call What the ‘QUACK’ is going on?

Open Call

What the 'QUACK'
is going on?

Register Before May 18

Dear artists,

Hope this message finds you quacking with excitement!

As some of you may or may not know, our property has been taken over by over 5000 adorable ducks! They've claimed the Christmas tree, made nests in our garden bushes, joined in on workshops, and even turned the children's play area into their personal spa.

With warmer weather approaching, these quackers are on the lookout for cooler spots and are gearing up to conquer our exhibition hall during the summer break.

Introducing our latest project: What the 'QUACK' is going on? 

It's not your average artist open call – it's a quack-tastic, fun, and quirky exhibition that kicks off on June 29 and promises to quackify our space until August 4, 2024.

Here's the deal: we're inviting all artists to join in on the duck-filled madness. Each participating artist will receive a minimum of 10 ducks to transform into an art piece or to use as a medium within a creation. The challenge? Let your creativity flow, infuse your unique touch, and present your masterpiece during this exhibition extravaganza!

This is not just an artist call; it's a chance to dive into a world where creativity meets quirkiness. Unleash your imagination, let the ducks inspire your art, and join us in making this exhibition a celebration of creativity, laughter and of course quacks!

To participate: 

·        Let us know if you are participating before May 18th

·        Let us know how many ducks you would like to work with (minimum 10)

·        Pick up your ducks at Landhuis Bloemhof during regular opening hours

·        Deliver your finished work before June 22nd

We are looking forward to your participation.

Den Mi Wesu



Thursday May 2nd | 19:00
Friday May 3rd | 19:00
Saturday May 4th | 18:00 & 21:00

Den Mi Wesu – meaning “in my bones” in Papiamentu – is a theatrical deep dive into the origins of spiritual experience and how rhythmic expressions amplify it. It involves an excavation of instruments, voice, and movement through which we explore our Afro-Caribbean roots. 

Under artistic direction of Michael Wanga and musically enhanced by Sorandy Sint Jacobs and Ashley Mauricia, a group of talented performers shares their rhythmical and historical journey. Following their route to Landhuis Bloemhof, we learn about their Caribbean ancestry through the power of rhythm and movement. 

Like many Curaçaoan people, Michael is a descendant of two strong tribes. On one side, the native people that have survived on the Caribbean islands and on the other side, the enslaved people that were brought there from Africa. 

As part of the new generation of diaspora descendants, Michael seeks a connection with his ancestors. A bond that derives from music and stories that shaped the island. He involves a new generation of Caribbean artists, to share in this experience. 

Rhythm and spirituality go hand in hand. They connect us to our most primal and instinctive selves. Rhythm is not taught, it is passed down through the musical traditions of our ancestors. Sound and movement are carriers of Afro-Caribbean culture, throughout generations. They contain the essence of a spiritual experience that is shared all over the world in meditation, worship or prayer.

Workshop Storytelling Zichtbaar worden met je Roots


Workshop Storytelling
Zichtbaar worden
met je Roots

One day workshop on
April 23, 24 or 25
9.00 am- 5.00 pm

A journey through nostalgia and longing

Waar is je thuis? Waar liggen je wortels? Naar welke gerechten en geuren van thuis kan je nog steeds verlangen? Welke muziek roept bij jou speciale herinneringen op? Welke verhalen van vroeger zijn je bijgebleven?

In deze workshop gaan we terug naar die verhalen. Met speelse en narratieve werkvormen bieden we je de mogelijkheid om te kijken naar je achtergrond, je familie en je landen van herkomst en hoe dit jou heeft gevormd. Door je verhalen, rituelen en emoties te vertellen word je zichtbaar. Verhalen zijn troostend en verrijkend en soms zelfs helend. Verhalen als anker om zo meer plek in te nemen met: wie je bent, wat je kan en wat je wil.

Voor wie: voor iedereen die op avontuur wil naar de bron. Voor iedereen die een brug wil slaan tussen je binnenwereld en de buitenwereld. Voor iedereen die met meer impact wil kunnen vertellen. Voor iedereen die zich wil laten inspireren door de verhalen van anderen, veel plezier wil maken en zichzelf wil verrassen.

Data: 23, 24 of 25 april - Aanvang: 9 uur Eindtijd: 17 uur - Locatie: Landhuis Bloemhof Santa Rosaweg 6- (in de tuin, trek gemakkelijke schoenen aan) - Kosten: Naf 150,- (Inclusief: Lunch, koffie & thee en iets zoets) - Taal: Nederlands. Deelnemers kunnen hun verhaal vertellen in hun moedertaal.

Over Izaira Kersten

Izaira Kersten is actrice en trainer en begeleidt al vele jaren mensen in organisaties om een authentiek en congruent verhaal te vertellen. Ze heeft een groot vertrouwen dat iedereen vol verhalen zit, grote, kleine, meeslepende en humoristische verhalen. Izaira is geboren in Alkmaar en op haar twaalfde verhuist ze met het gezin naar Curaçao.

Een belangrijk keerpunt in haar leven. Haar droom om actrice te worden maakte dat ze op negentien jarige leeftijd in haar eentje de overzeese terugtocht maakte naar Nederland. Ze voelt zich thuis in het ene land en thuis in het andere land. Op de ene plek mist ze de andere plek. Haar roots heeft ze onbewust onderdrukt en merkt nu dat ze soms met een aangepast verhaal naar buiten komt. Nu volgt ze haar verlangen en neemt ze nu ook meer plek in met haar Antilliaanse en Surinaamse roots. Ze voegt haar theater achtergrond, werkervaring en haar ‘Krioyo saus” samen voor deze workshop.

Hòfi Cinema March 2024



Hòfi Cinema
Orfeu Negro

Wednesday March 27 |  7.00 pm

Orfeu Negro
Orfeu Negro (Black Orpheus) is a 1959 romantic tragedy film directed by French filmmaker Marcel Camus, and starring Marpessa Dawn and Breno Mello. It is based on the play Orfeu da Conceição by Vinicius de Moraes, staging the Greek legend of Orpheus and Eurydice in a contemporary favela in Rio de Janeiro during Carnaval. The film was an international co-production by companies in Brazil, France and Italy.

The film is particularly noted for its soundtrack by two Brazilian composers: Antônio Carlos Jobim, whose song "A felicidade" opens the film; and Luiz Bonfá, whose "Manhã de Carnaval" and "Samba de Orfeu" have become classics of bossa nova. The songs performed by Orfeu were dubbed by singer Agostinho dos Santos. Lengthy passages of filming took place in the Morro da Babilônia, a favela in the Leme neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro.

Orfeu Negro won the Palme d'Or at the 1959 Cannes Film Festival, the 1960 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, the 1960 Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Film and was nominated for the 1961 BAFTA Award for Best Film.

While the 1959 adaptation has been celebrated internationally, it has been criticized by Brazilians and scholars for exoticizing Brazil for an international audience and reinforcing harmful stereotypes.

Memoria Derá
In a dystopian Caribbean setting a mother comes back to rescue her sons through the awaking of collective memories and transcendent communication. The younger brother Tito wants to remember, while Ray the older sibling has buried his memories very deep and far away. This film is an homage the African Maroons across the America's.


Easter Market 2024


Easter Market

Saturday March 23  | 9.00 am- 2.00 pm

You are invited: bring your family to the now traditional Easter Craft Fair in the gardens of Landhuis Bloemhof where you can enjoy locally made Easter crafts and decorations, locally made wellness, hair & body care products, locally made candles, oils and home care products, plants, seeds and locally grown fruits and vegetables, regular, vegan and vegetarian snacks and sweets and much more.

For the young ones, we have a new colorful kids corner, where they can play, explore and enjoy.

Bini un, bini tur!

Shop Valentine



The Landhuis Bloemhof Shop
Ideas for Valentine's Day

Shop open
Tuesday to Saturday 9.00 am- 2.00 pm


Here are some ideas for Cupid approved presents:

* Limpi Valentine Hearts

Plastic that is washed ashore on our island, is collected and repurposed with the intention to promote for love for our planet.
Price: NAF 45

* Lovelies by Loeloe
A 25% Valentines discount on selected jewelry from the Lovelies by Loeloe collection

Lovelies by Loeloe Necklace with a precious stone pendant of Ruby, Rose quartz, Aquamarine, Moonstone, Turquoise, Clear Quartz.
NAF 100 with Valentine’s discount NAF 75

Papiamentu Affirmation Necklace
Limited edition, only 8 necklaces in stock.
NAF 155 with Valentine’s discount NAF 116,25
Come and see for yourself, there is much more.

* Dushi Cards
‘Mi stimabo’ and on the back of the card it secretly says ‘I Love You’ again in English.
Write something from your heart for your Love, Family, Friends.
NAF 5,50

Shop at the Landhuis Bloemhof and support the artists and artisans of Curaçao.

Tor in de Mango


Tor in the Mango
Book launch by Puck Bossert

January Friday 27 | 7.00 PM


In collaboration with three members of the Writers Core Group: Ange Jessurun (author of Faya Lobi), Esmeralda Levens-Wijngaarde (writer and storyteller) and Germaine Jong Loy (author of Mica in theekleurig water), with music by Steve Mariat.

On this occasion, Puck presents the first copy in Curaçao to her friend and former neighbor, Ditiana Hollander (author of the children's book Bonto i Bobby, un amistat infinito)




An intimate rendez vous with the artists

January Friday 19 | 7.00 PM


Get ready for an exciting evening, an explosion of unexpected interactive moments, an art orgy so to speak. What we have in mind: speed dating the artists of collective Piso SERØ, performances by the renowned writers/poets Fifi Rademaker and Roy Colastica, music by Don the Pianist and an Open mic. A surprise dj closes the evening. A donation for joining this Soirée is appreciated.


Wijnand Stomp


Wijnand Stomp
Tori Talk - Theatrical lecture (Dutch spoken)
Tori Man - Family theater show (Dutch spoken)


January 11 | 7.30 PM
January 13 | 10.00- 11.00 AM


Theatermaker Wijnand Stomp ook bekend als Mr Anansi zal in januari bij Landhuis Bloemhof de beleeflezing Tori Talk en de familevoorstelling Tori Man brengen. Tori Talk-ontmoetingen langs het slavenpad zal plaatsvinden op 11 januari in de avond. De familievoorstelling Tori Man wordt gehouden op zaterdag 13 januari van 10 uur ‘smorgens tot 11 uur ‘s morgens.De voertaal is Nederlands.

TORI TALK, ontmoetingen langs het slaven-pad

ToriTalk is een interactieve theatrale lezing. Stomp neemt u mee in de bijzondere wereld van de ANANSI VERTEL TRADITIE. In een mix van theater, comedy en documentaire brengt hij het publiek op een vrolijke en indringende manier in contact met verhalen over het slavernijverleden.

TORI MAN, een vrolijke interactieve familievoorstelling

Met TORI MAN neemt Wijnand Stomp iedereen mee op avontuur. Als de levenslustige spin Anansi rijdt hij op de rug van meneer Tijger naar het paleis van de Koning. Of help jij ‘Anansi’ mee de grote zoutwaterplas over te steken naar de nieuwe wereld. Het kan allemaal in de nieuwste show TORIMAN.

Meer details

Kaarten voor Tori Talk op 11 januari kosten Nafl 15,-. Deze beleeflezing begint om 7:30 pm en zal tegen 9:30 pm zijn afgelopen. De familievoorstelling Tori Man is op zaterdag 13 januari en begint om 10:00 am. De voorstelling duurt een uur. Kaarten kosten Nafl 15,- per volwasene. Kinderen tot 12 jaar betalen Nafl 5,-. Kaarten zijn verkrijgbaar bij Landhuis Bloemhof aan de Santa Rosaweg nr 6. Landhuis Bloemhof is open van dinsdag tot en met zaterdag van 9 am tot 2 pm.