Schots en Scheef


Schots en Scheef
Group Exhibition


Opening Saturday December 4


The Schots en Scheef concept originated from a rebellious thought against traditional rules about art, the usual setup and layout of an exhibition and also against the way in which artists are used to present their work. By challenging artists as well as ourselves to step out of our comfort zones and letting go of what is, or how it should be, space is created to allow a freedom that was not there before.

Participating artists:
Alexine Tjon, Annemieke Dicke, Avantia Damberg, Bethyamin van Nieuwenhuizen, Carlos Better, Christian Peralta, Elodie Heloise, Esther Reyerse, Giovani Zanolino, Gwen Anderson, Heleen Cornet, Hilma Koelman, Kati Qui, Kemuel Sandries, Laica Leito, Lies Bruens, Margarita Haakmat, Marianne Cats, Mariette van Soesbergen, Marja Tukker, Marjon Wegman, Martie Genger, Merly Trappenberg, Mishenu Cicilia, Monique Harbers, Neeltje Timmers, Pito Polo, Ria Houwen, Rochelle Monte, Rose Ann Ignacio, Ruthson Cecilia, Sandra Lewis Nieuw, Tatiana Felix, Urwin Marcos, Vesuhely Americaan.


Out of the Woods




Out of the Woods
Scupltors inspired by Bloemhof
Introducing Solaica Leito & Ruthson Cecilia


Opening Friday October 29
Exhibition until November 27

Landhuis Bloemhof is honored to introduce two new artists during the opening of ‘Out of the Woods’ on Friday October 29th at 7 PM. This marks the first exhibition for Solaica ‘Laica’ Leito (1970) and Ruthson Cecilia (1961) in which they will make their debut with wooden sculptures made out of local wood, imported wood and reclaimed antique wood whereby some are combined with stone, metal and paint.

Laica and Ruthson are no strangers to Landhuis Bloemhof. Laica has been working here for the past 7 years and Ruthson since 2 years. The journey to this exhibition was a personal and profound one for both of them.

Solaica ‘Laica’ Leito
Laica first encountered art when she started working at Landhuis Bloemhof. “I am a very curious person by nature, open to what life has to teach me. My love and appreciation for art was nurtured as I got exposed and experienced various expressions of art during the past years at Bloemhof”, says Laica.

The first seed of inspiration was planted in 2018 when she followed a workshop stone sculpting by sculptress Annie Clement. Since stone is a tough medium to find and transport, she didn’t continue, until 2019. Suddenly everything fell into place when she attended a workshop by wood sculptor Gwen Garcia. She became so fascinated with the medium that she soon started experimenting at home. The experience and know-how she cultivated during the workshop by Annie Clement just a year prior in combination with what she learned during the workshop with Gwen Garcia really pushed her to an explosive urge to create. During the first and second lockdown she emersed herself into creation.

Ruthson Cecilia
Art has always played a role in Ruthon’s life. “I have many ideas and I burst with creativity. I consider myself a ‘handy’ person. When I lived in The Netherlands I used to work with wood in my free time and I used to paint for my own pleasure. There was always a side of me that was hungry to share my creations with others. During the workshop with Gwen Garcia my inspiration to work with wood woke up again”, says Ruthson.

During lockdown Ruthson took the opportunity to start expressing himself creatively again and has since made many pieces.
Landhuis Bloemhof board member and art connoisseur Nicole Henriquez introduces the two artists in this video:


A pact
While Covid measurements became less strict and people were allowed back to work, Laica and Ruthson shared their experiences. To both their surprise they mentioned that they had been experimenting with wood. They shared their gained knowledge with one another and made a pact to continue creating in the hopes of one day exhibiting their work. Who could predict that this day would come so fast?

 Wooden sculptures
‘Out of the Woods’ shows an array of wooden sculptures, combining techniques in a most creative way while maintaining the natural structure that makes this medium so loved. Both artist have their own unique style in which they combine and work using various types of wood like pine wood, wood from local trees like medlar and Caribbean Jujube (appeldam), but also meranti and basralocus which are reclaimed from antique furniture. Ruthson combined his local wood with stone, metal and paint.

Together Laica and Ruthson have managed to create a diversified, creative and inspiring collection in a relatively short period of time

La Dama Blanca




Hester Jonkhout

main film: La Dama Blanca


Friday October 15  (SOLD OUT)

Saturday October 16  (SOLD OUT)

Friday October 22 (SOLD OUT)

7.00 pm

Entrance 10,00

Fundashon Pegasaya and Bloemhof invite you to an Award Celebration honoring Hester Jonkhout on either Friday October 15 or Saturday October 16.
Hester Jonkhout recently won the Cinematography Award 2021 at the Caribbean Tales International Film festival with the movie La Dama Blanca (2021). We will celebrate this wonderful achievement by showing the wining film together with 5 short films by Hester Jonkhout.

La Dama Blanca 
La Dama Blanca - Rina Penso - cherishes the past. What’s life worth without her memories? That’s where she finds him, her great love. In the music of "Te Busco" he shines in his role. She stands before him, dressed in white, and he kisses her, a kiss that still burns on her lips.
Her butler Sancho - Giovanni Abath - is determined to pull "his" Dama Blanca back to the present, but her ex-lover haunts the house. In the music, in his photos, in her mind ... Francis is a ghost that Sancho cannot put his finger on.
"La Dama Blanca" is a filmed adaptation of the eponymous play. A classic rendition in which the longing for love is the central theme. This Short Film is a project of Guus de Sain, as Director and Producer and Hester Jonkhout as Director of Photography and Editor. Actors are Rina Penso and Giovanni Abath.
Curaçao | 2021| 31 min | Papiamentu spoken | English subtitles

5 Shorts
Julieta & de schildpadden in de plastic soep
Curaçao | 2020| 15 min | English spoken | Dutch subtitles
The Housewarming (48 Hours film project)
Curaçao | 2018 | 7 min | Dutch spoken 
Bend or break
Curaçao | 2018 | 7 min | Dutch spoken 
Curaçao | 2018 | 7 min | Dutch spoken
Il padrino
Curaçao | 2018 | 7 min | Dutch spoken 

Suzet Rosaria Hunter’s Moon




A painting experience

during full moon

by Suzet Rosaria


Wednesday October 20
7.00 - 10.00 pm

During the outdoor Hunter's Moon painting session Suzet will guide you through the process of creating a painting from start to finish using acrylics. You will get your own easel and canvas, as well as brushes and paint.

Register at


Suzet Rosaria Teen workshop






Workshop for teens

by Suzet Rosaria


Friday October 16
10.00 am - 12.00 pm

For our imaginative teens this Mixed Media Collage workshop is more than just cutting and gluing. It's about working with layers, depth and texture. Suzet will show you how best to mix and match concepts.

Register at


Suzet Rosaria Interactive




by Suzet Rosaria


Friday October 8
7.00 PM

On this day Suzet will be talking about her work, where she gets her inspiration and what makes her art life splash with color. Join us during this vibrant and interactive presentation where you will get a chance to personally meet and talk to Suzet.

Register at


E Wega di Bida


E Wega d Bida
The Game of Life

Mixed media paintings by Suzet Rosaria

Opening Saturday September 11
Exhibition till October 23

E Wega di Bida is an ode to the maturing process of life where self-development takes the forefront. “In the game of life you are the player and your opponent. You decide your next move, but you are also in charge of your reaction to it”, according to Rosaria.

Rosaria compares the game of life with the game of chess. The game of chess has dominant black and white colors. Symbolizing the extremes in life, the good and the bad in you and what lies in between.

For this exhibition, the artist used a variety of techniques, materials and vibrant Caribbean colors. With these materials she created textures to add depth and character to her work. With this, she wants to illustrate that each life path has several layers. Life is not always a smooth ride.

Apart from the repetitive theme of black and white checkered fields in her work she also plays with other recurring forms and (human and/or animal) figures. Each having a different meaning.

About the artist
Rosaria finished her studies at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Beeldende Kunsten (The Netherlands) in 1993. Since 1990 she had various solo exhibition and took part in many group exhibitions in The Netherlands and Curaçao. Her work can be seen in homes, buildings, offices and private collections worldwide. Apart from being a visual artist Rosaria is also art teacher at the secondary school Maria Immaculata Lyceum. For some years now she has been designing carnival costumes for the teen parade for which she received the best designer award in 2019 and the best group overall award in 2020.

E Wega di Bida will show till October 23.
Please look at the Program Overview for workshop dates and activities.