Vivid Delights



Vivid Delights
Batik Art by Michelle Mesker


Meet the artist every Thursday and Saturday morning.


Vivid Delights consists of a large collection of framed batiks in various sizes. Some are enriched with very subtle embroidery. Each of these unique works of art is the result of the sum of the many experiments and expertise gained over the past decades with the century-old batik craft. Michelle mastered this technique and explored the limits of what was feasible, thereby becoming increasingly detached from the traditional colors and patterns used in batik. Vivid Delights therefore vividly shows Michelle Mesker's Caribbean colorful touch and her craftmanship.

Michelle Mesker (1957) studied architectural design at the Artibus Art Academy in Utrecht, the Netherlands. After her studies she returns to Curaçao. In the nineties she takes a batik course but is not satisfied with the results. Yet totally intrigued, she decides to delve into it and gradually becomes more and more captivated by this form of art.
Michelle refines her technique and plays with colors in her own way. Her designs also move away from the original batik patterns. Curaçao, and her passion for architecture appear in her work in the form of country houses, nature scenes, birds and of course the sea. Spain and Portugal where she lived for a couple of years also inspire. Especially the female saints and patrons.

More challenges
Michelle is always working on refining her technical skills, and challenges herself to create increasingly complex art pieces. More details, more depth, even more color, and larger work.

To make batik the fabric is partially coated with wax. Michelle Mesker does not use regular wax but beeswax. Each color layer is applied separately in this process. Sometimes this is repeated for up to 15 times. The result of this time consuming labor are bright, cheerful, contemporary tableaux made using the ancient technique that came to Europe from Indonesia around 1600.


Afro Caribbean Dance



Afro Caribbean Dance

African Dance

May 4  | 5.30 - 7.00 pm

The rhythm you can't stand still to will sound again in our mondi. Join Vali Leonora for an African Caribbean Dance workshop to the drums and percussion of ISSOCO members Ruchi Isidora, Russel Soleana and introducing Charlston Maria.

International Museum Day



International Museum Day

International Museum Day

Wednesday May 18

The Power of Landhuis Bloemhof
International Museum Day 2022

To mark International Museum Day, Wednesday May 18th, you are invited to visit Landhuis Bloemhof for free!

Our current exhibition, Vivid Delights shows a delicate, multicolored variety of Curacao scenes through the eyes of batik artist Michelle Mesker. Visit the frozen in time sculpture studio of May Henriquez, the spiritual mother of Landhuis Bloemhof and the Ex libris May-Max cultural archives. On the premises, besides our beautiful hòfi with trees, plants, and flowers you can also visit the one of a kind Cathedral of Thorns, and of course the original bath house, or you may just want to unwind and take a stroll through our gardens.

For this special day we would like to challenge all visitors to write down their dream or vision for the future of Museums in Curaçao in the year 2100. The world is rapidly changing and we would love you to share your expectations with us.

Wednesday May 18 the entrance is free. On May 19, 20, 21 we offer you 50% discount on our regular entrance fee: residents pay ANG 2,50 and non- residents ANG 9,00 Landhuis Bloemhof is open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 9.00 AM to 2.00 PM

Hòfi Cinema May 2022



Hòfi Cinema

Hòfi Cinema

Friday May 27 | 7.30 PM

4 Movies by Curaçao born US based dancer and filmmaker Gabri Christa
Gabri Christa was born and raised in Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean. She came to filmmaking after a successful career as a choreographer and dancer. She choreographed and danced with companies such as Danza Contemporanea de Cuba (Cuba) and the Bill T. Jones Dance Company (United States).

Un dia kada momentu (One Day at a Time) (2016)
Portrait of the engaging Curaçao yoga master Leo Floridas. When he is introduced to yoga in the 1960s, he discovers that he is more than his blackness and becomes a yoga teacher and health activist in his local island community.
Winner, Best Picture - Canadian Diversity Film Festival; Winner, Best Documentary Short - Harlem International Film Festival; Official Selection - Twin Cities Film Fest; Official Selection - Curacao International Film Festival
28 minutes | Papamentu spoken, English subtitles

Kasita (2014)
When a young girl Luna, can’t keep the dog she rescued, she knows just what to do. Together with her cousin Sol, she sets off to house him in the empty slave huts, but things don’t go as planned.
22 minutes | Papiamentu spoken, English subtitles

Son (2021)
A mother tries to find a moment of selfcare, but constantly worries about her black son's safety and keeps hearing his call/voice.
7 minutes | English

Sheila (2021)
A dancer blows out a candle and finds herself in a magical world of memory, dance and presence.
An experimental short bio doc starring Sheila Rohan, one of the founding dancers of Dance Theatre of Harlem.
7 minutes | English