International Museum Day



International Museum Day

International Museum Day

Wednesday May 18

The Power of Landhuis Bloemhof
International Museum Day 2022

To mark International Museum Day, Wednesday May 18th, you are invited to visit Landhuis Bloemhof for free!

Our current exhibition, Vivid Delights shows a delicate, multicolored variety of Curacao scenes through the eyes of batik artist Michelle Mesker. Visit the frozen in time sculpture studio of May Henriquez, the spiritual mother of Landhuis Bloemhof and the Ex libris May-Max cultural archives. On the premises, besides our beautiful hòfi with trees, plants, and flowers you can also visit the one of a kind Cathedral of Thorns, and of course the original bath house, or you may just want to unwind and take a stroll through our gardens.

For this special day we would like to challenge all visitors to write down their dream or vision for the future of Museums in Curaçao in the year 2100. The world is rapidly changing and we would love you to share your expectations with us.

Wednesday May 18 the entrance is free. On May 19, 20, 21 we offer you 50% discount on our regular entrance fee: residents pay ANG 2,50 and non- residents ANG 9,00 Landhuis Bloemhof is open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 9.00 AM to 2.00 PM