Afro Caribbean Dance


afro caribbean danc e

Afro Caribbean Dance workshop by Vali Leonora,

with Ruchi Isidora (drum), Russel Soleana (percussion),
introducing Charleston Maria on drums





Saturday January 29
5.30- 7.00 PM

You are invited to let the Afro Caribbean rhythms inspire you to express yourself through dance. This evening is dedicated to our esteemed percussionist Ompi Tio who regretfully passed away on January 18.

Bloemhof Experience by Night


Bloemhof Experience by Night
Landhuis Bloemhof, Cathedral of Thorns & Number Ten Café





Friday February 4
6- 9 PM

xperience nature, art and history at night at Landhuis Bloemhof, the Cathedral of Thorns and Number Ten on Friday February 4. This is your chance to see the cathedral lit at night, wander around the Bloemhof gardens in the dark and have dinner at Number Ten (reservations required).

Schots en Scheef


Schots en Scheef
Group Exhibition


Opening Saturday December 4


The Schots en Scheef concept originated from a rebellious thought against traditional rules about art, the usual setup and layout of an exhibition and also against the way in which artists are used to present their work. By challenging artists as well as ourselves to step out of our comfort zones and letting go of what is, or how it should be, space is created to allow a freedom that was not there before.

Participating artists:
Alexine Tjon, Annemieke Dicke, Avantia Damberg, Bethyamin van Nieuwenhuizen, Carlos Better, Christian Peralta, Elodie Heloise, Esther Reyerse, Giovani Zanolino, Gwen Anderson, Heleen Cornet, Hilma Koelman, Kati Qui, Kemuel Sandries, Laica Leito, Lies Bruens, Margarita Haakmat, Marianne Cats, Mariette van Soesbergen, Marja Tukker, Marjon Wegman, Martie Genger, Merly Trappenberg, Mishenu Cicilia, Monique Harbers, Neeltje Timmers, Pito Polo, Ria Houwen, Rochelle Monte, Rose Ann Ignacio, Ruthson Cecilia, Sandra Lewis Nieuw, Tatiana Felix, Urwin Marcos, Vesuhely Americaan.