Look at Us Now


Look at Us Now
Art Students of Radulphus College



Opening March 22


Landhuis Bloemhof opens its doors to talented art students of the Radulphus College to exhibit their graduation work.

The students created work based on the Rijksmuseum's online exhibitions Slavery and Look at me now, in which online visitors were guided by, among others Curaçao artists David Bade and Tirzo Martha.
The students were also able to visit the Landhuis Bloemhof exhibition Sorry… in 2023 where they also had the opportunity to talk to a number of artists.

These formed the starting point for the student's own research.

The participants are: Aaron Angela, Valentina Ballesteros, Chantal Ferreira, Nethanja Gomez, Kimberly  Gonsalves, Jingwen Guo, Lucile Haseth, Kyan Henriquez, Lea-Louise Hieroms, Noëly Job, Razzine Job, Kimberly Johnson, Naysah Kelly, Thaesally de Lima, Alejandra Luna Cortina, Deva-Dee Martina, Marcela Medina Camejo, Stephany Moreta De Los Santo, Angelica Salas, Brevin Sanchez, David Schotborgh, Chiara Stacie, Sonny Tjon-A-Meeuw, Angelina Ursulita, Tehilah Verplaats, Cristina Wu, Shi Ying Wu, Nirjha Adwani, Edsel Anthonij, Hector Arguelles Perez, Antonia Ayala Ayala, Viènna Babetti, Mie Wah Chan, Jeanalys Chapman Cera, Charlize Cicilia, Elizabeth Contreras Rojas, Kayla Cratz, Ria D'Souza, Gabriella Flocker, Ariana de Freitas, Ainne Fullinck, Angelina Galvis, Talisa Gomez, Gabriela Hammoud, Gianna van der Hans, Gedeon Hanson, Tyara Ignacio, Dunstan Lagerveld, Tisaidy Louisa Isebia, Keanah Martina, Shainalies Martina, Emiy Mei Zhu, Olivia Morris, Eliana Roosje, Geranny Vanderhorst Contreras and Chloë Wauben.

The festive opening of 'Look at Us now' will take place on March 22 at 7 pm, and everyone is invited. The exhibition will then be open until March 30.