Exhibition ‘Punda to Bloemhof, A Creative Odyssey’


Exhibition 'Punda to Bloemhof
A Creative Odyssey'
by Art Collective Piso SERØ


Opening January 10


‘Punda to Bloemhof, A Creative Odyssey’ features a vibrant tapestry of Curacao's artistic expressions with artworks by Alejandra Cijntje, Andrew Thodé, Christian Peralta, Kerr de Lanooi, Noni Madeleine, Pito Polo, Sandra Zegarra Patow and Tamira Koeiman. The art collective, known for its radical approach to art and community engagement, invites visitors to step into an immersive world where the boundaries of creativity are as fluid as the Caribbean Sea that surrounds their island home.

In the heart of Punda, Piso SERØ stands as a dynamic multidisciplinary collective, a haven for a diverse group of individuals driven by a shared passion for creativity. Located on the ground floor of Casa Moderna on Madurostraat, this multifunctional space, divided into a gallery and atelier, serves as a vibrant hub for cultural events. Their mission is to defy the conventional and to blur the lines between the artist and the observer, empowering every individual to find their creative voice.

The works of art in Punda to Bloemhof, A Creative Odyssey not only showcase individual talents but a collective journey into the essence of Piso SERØ itself. “The Creative Odyssey is more than a journey; it's a living, evolving entity that mirrors the diversity of the Curaçao community. As the lines between artists and the community dissolve, ordinary people become co-creators in a celebration of shared creativity, proving that in the world of Piso SERØ, creativity indeed knows no boundaries”, says Piso SERØ co-founder Christian Peralta.

The artists
Alejandra Cijntje 
(based in Curaçao)is a self-taught artist on a continuous journey of self-discovery. Her artistic research mainly focuses on nuances and archetypes present in the Caribbean human existence, emotions, and dynamics. This practice pushes her deeper into awareness of collective patterns, individualism, contemporary folklore, and symbolism. Cijntje participated in a few group exhibitions at Landhuis Bloemhof including ‘Lus riba Nanzi’ and ‘Art for the Roses’.

For Andrew Thodé (based in Curaçao), art has been an outlet and a tool for self-reflection through his struggles with burnout and depression. He works with mixed media, mostly acrylic paint and collage. His work serves as an instrument for engaging with and addressing pressing issues in society. Through his creations, he strives to evoke thought and inspire dialogue, using art as the aim of understanding each other and our differences better.

Christian Peralta (based in Curaçao / founder of Piso SERØ) is a versatile artist whose journey spans various creative disciplines - from poetry to music and visual storytelling. In recent years, he focused on visual art, particularly painting. With roots dating back to 2015 in the artist community, his work reflects a rich tapestry of experiences and collaborations. In 'Punda to Bloemhof, A Creative Odyssey,' he showcases the profound impact of community and invites viewers on a limitless creative journey. In the beginning of 2023 Peralta had a successful solo exhibition at Landhuis Bloemhof titled ‘Quit my job, paint your life’.

The central theme in the paintings of Kerr de Lanooi (a.k.a Sè, based in Curaçao/ co-founder Piso SERØ), revolves around celebrating black intellectuals. His work is a fusion of dreams, rebellious spirit, the more refined romanticized impressionism, and mystery. He continues to explore and express his unique perspective, bridging the gap between dreams and reality.

“Painting feels like a form of therapy for me”, says Noni Madeleine (based in The Netherlands). She explores themes such as her emotional realm, race, her experiences as a woman of color and generational healing. Integrating these themes into her art serves as a vessel to express herself and raise awareness about these issues.

PITOPOLO (based in Curaçao/ co-founder Piso SERØ) always had a curiosity for art and design. This love came to fruition once he joined the University of Curaçao. It was in that environment that he stumbled upon graphic design, photography and film. His work focuses mainly on human behavior, specifically the relationship between men and art. PITOPOLO has been participating in exhibitions at Landhuis Bloemhof for years. Most recent are ‘Unlocked’, ‘Lus riba Nanzi’ and ‘Sorry,...’.

Photography work by Sandra Zegarra Patow (a.k.a. DJ Veinte Uñas based in The Netherlands) is directed by her intuition, beliefs, and the connection she establishes with the subjects. This approach is not only based on how she develops her projects but also on how she directs her path in life. She gets fueled by her Peruvian roots and its influence on culture, traditions, and history. For this particular exhibition she is showing a collection that was shot during 2021 in Curaçao titled “Lunula; Uña i Kultura”. Lunula refers to the half circle we all have at the base of our nails.

Tamira Koeiman (based in The Netherlands) uses photography to explore her relationship with (black) men. The central theme in her recent work explores her love for them but also her profound struggle in connection to them. She is predominantly inspired by the Curaçao culture, the island’s surroundings in a specific sense and by the mystery of life in a broader sense.