Ode to the Salon Music of Curaçao


Bloemhof in Concert
Ode to the Salon Music of Curaçao

Ilja Huang, Johnny Kleinmoedig and Enrico Henriquez

NEW DATE Saturday July 11
Same concert twice: 5.00 pm and 7.30 pm

Landhuis Bloemhof is pleased to announce the inauguration of our Ibach grand piano.
Saturday July 11 we will resume the 'Bloemhof in Concert' series with Ode to the Salon Music of Curaçao.

Pianists Ilja Huang, Johnny Kleinmoedig and Enrico Henriquez will present salon music by local composers: J.S. Corsen, J.G. Palm, R. Rojer, W Statius Muller, E. Palm, E. Henriquez and others. Annet Kraft van Ermel will open the evening in loving memory of her father, the late Wim Statius Muller.

TWO CONCERTS: 5.00 PM & 7.30 PM
The concert will be held in the central hall of Landhuis Bloemhof. Due to limited seating the same concert will be performed twice. After each concert, there will be an opportunity to mingle with the musicians while enjoying a complimentary (soft)drink at the terrace. As the maximum seating capacity is 25 persons per concert, we recommend to buy your tickets at ANG 45,00 in advance at Bloemhof.

5.00- 6.00 PM Concert 1. ANG 45.00 including a drink and snack
7.30- 8.30 PM Concert 2. ANG 45.00 including a drink and snack





Opening Thurday July 2
Exhibition till September 12

Unlocked - Art Treasures of Curaçao
After the Lockdown we wanted to do something positive for all local artists. And the idea of 'Unlocked' was born. We changed our exhibition program and sent out an open call to visual artists working and residing on the island. More than 30 artists signed up right away. With this spontaneously organized exhibition Landhuis Bloemhof invites Curacao to get (re)acquainted with our current contemporary art scene.

Participating artists:
Annemieke Dicke, Ariadne Faries, Babette de Waele, Bert Knubben, Christy Beaujon, Doggis, Ellen Spijkstra, Francis Sling, Giovanni Abath, Giovani Zanolino, Gwen Anderson, Johanna Franco Zapata, Krista van der Meyden, Maghalie George, Marcel van Duijneveldt, Marjon Wegman, Marlies Schoenmakers, Michèle Russel - Capriles, Philippe Zanolino, Philip Rademaker, PitoPolo, Quirine van Eps, Ria Houwen, Rien te Hennepe, Robert van Haren, Rochelle Monte, Saida Hernandez, Susan Rudolf, Suzet Rosaria.
The Cathedral of Thorns by Herman van Bergen featuring over 40 works of arts by different other artists and the sculpture garden of Hortence Brouwn are also part of the exhibition. Both are permanent attractions on the premises of Landhuis Bloemhof.

Unlocked is an exhibition within an exhibition, with each artist getting his or her own space in the Landhuis or its surroundings. We are also hosting many interactive activities during the exhibition period.

Sombra di Koló / The Shadow of Color


Sombra di Koló / The Shadow of Color
Angela Roe, Selwyn de Wind & Hester Jonkhout

Tuesday June 23
7:15 pm - 10:00 pm

In the spring of 2012 cultural anthropologist Angela Roe teamed up with Curaçaoan filmmakers Selwyn de Wind and Hester Jonkhout to start filming. The Shadow of Color is a documentary on race relations in Curaçao. With this film Roe broke Curaçao's old and pervasive taboo on addressing racism.

Angela Roe will be present for a Q&A with the audience after this impressive documentary.
Because of limited seating we advise you to buy your tickets in advance. Ticket: 10 ANG

Favourite Antillean Dances


Alexander Kraft van Ermel
Favourite Antillean Dances

Wednesday March 25   - 7.30 PM
Friday March 27-  7.30 PM
Sunday March 29 - 10.00 AM

Alexander Kraft van Ermel is preparing a concert in the renowned Concertgebouw in Amsterdam next month. His fan sin Curacao will have a chance to get a first taste of his classical Antillean dances concert, with mazurka’s and waltzes.
This concert will be the first on Bloemhof’s new acquired piano.

Tickets @ ANG. 25,00 available at Landhuis Bloemhof.

Pashon Kompartí


Pashon Kompartí

Opening Wednesday March 11
Exhibition till April 18

Pashon Kompartí is a duo exhibition showing mixed media paintings by Margarita Haakmat - Maduro and Mirjam de Castro. The two women did not know each other before this project and were linked together through their love for art.

Margarita and Mirjam both discovered their love for art in their youth, but only started exploring this passion later in life. In addition to workshops at Bloemhof, both ladies have followed various courses with local and international teachers. Experiments with different types of paint and materials followed and eventually they each found their own style.
Looking at the colorful canvases by the two artists one gets the impression that the same color palette has been handed out to them. And yet their artworks are very different. While Mirjam’s paintings are more abstract, Margarita gives a new meaning to depth by adding mixed media to her more realistic work.
The exhibition Pashon Kompartí is open from March 11th till April 18th 2020 at Landhuis Bloemhof.

Moonlight Photo Workshop with Gail Johnson


Moonlight Photo Workshop with Gail Johnson

Friday March 6th

Come and photograph the amazing Cathedral of Thorns at dusk / night as well as a few other surprise photo opportunities. You will have exclusive access to this amazing area.

6 PM – We will start out in front of Landhuis Bloemhof – photo opportunities – with Gail available for help and advice
7 PM - Brief on how best to capture night and dusk shots – and then Gail is available to help people with their settings as required
Finish 8.30 pm

- Camera (Preferably with the ability to go into A, S and M mode - if not then the camera needs to be able to long exposures of up to 30 Seconds)
- Tripod (if no tripod then a bean/sand bag or equivalent)
- Remote Release if you have one
- Bring a variety of lenses if you have them, as there is very little walking
- A light to be able to see your camera dials (phone torch OK)
- If you have a flash unit – bring that too

Contact gail@gailsgallery.co.uk or info@bloemhof.cw