Concert Mi T’ei


Mi T'ei
Crisèn i su 8.40 Band

Wednesday December 27
Doors open 7.00 PM
Concert starts 7.30 PM

With her forth concert 'Mi T'ei' (I am here) Crisèn shares her thoughts through music with her 8.40 Band. During her concert 'Mi T'ei' she will presents new songs like the title song 'Mi T'ei', dedicated to her father who passed away suddenly at the end of 2020. Also 'Boroto di Silensio' a new song, dealing with thoughts and feelings we would like to hide or ignore, but will haunt us if not dealt with.

"If you can't understand the message behind my song 'Mi ke bo komprondé' (I want you to understand), it's understandable we won't ever understand each other, you understand?"

Who is Crisèn? In her own words: "I guess you could say I'm a creatively crazy busy bee but never too busy for my loved ones. I love writing, acting, singing, swimming, reading, having conversations and connecting with people but also love quality time with myself every once in a while: I'm an extraverted introvert! I'm crazy about my dogs Pepo and Nala and love the tranquility of my home. I am not defined by solely my art but it's undeniably the most important channel for me to express, to reflect, to inspire, to teach, to share. I would love to travel more in the future and if you ever find yourself wondering what present to give me, well a book (preferably in Spanish or English), handmade herbal soaps, shower gels, fruits & veggies, all kinds of tea or whatever reflects that you 'took your time to watch or know what I really want or need', will do!"

For more information about Crisèn visit her website.