Sculptures and drawings

Brigitte Wawoe and Angel Luis de la Rosa González


Opening Saturday March 12


Symbiosis – Sculptures and drawings
Brigitte Wawoe and Angel Luis de la Rosa González are both sculptors. Brigitte is known to work with stone from the Tafelberg and Angel generally works with mahogany and wood from the wayaká tree. They met each other back in 2015 during an exhibition at Gallery Alma Blou. Brigitte initially approached Angel to help around her studio with the finishing of her sculptures and to help move heavy stones. Soon their work relationship evolved into an artistic collaboration. They started selecting stones together and exchanged ideas on what they see when looking at the shapes. After three years of closely working together, they felt it was time to show the result of their collaboration in SYMBIOSIS.
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According to the dictionary Symbiosis stands for the interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both. For Brigitte and Angel this association also means growth, identification, and connection.

For Angel the experience of working alongside Brigitte made him step out of his comfort zone. As a figurative artist he generally imposes his ideas on primary materials. This time around however he immersed himself into the abstract, playful and fantasy world of Brigitte. During this creative process Angel integrated certain elements into the way he works. He feels that this experience allows him space to reflect on the object he is working on and to freely make adjustments. It is a more organic way of working, of allowing the primary material to reveal itself instead of imposing his ideas on it.

Taking into consideration their individual way of working, their gender, age gap and culture, it was quite an experience for both artists to see how art unites. The frequency with which they exchanged ideas revealed their common passion and pushed their commitment to create art together to a higher level.

Brigitte Wawoe
Brigitte was born in Heidelberg, Germany in 1939 and was trained at the art section of the Morley College in London and at the Vrije Academie in Den Haag. She lived in Curaçao from 1967 and moved to London in 1978. She now lives in The Netherlands but frequently returns to Curaçao to work. She has her sculpture studio at the industrial complex in Nieuwpoort. This hidden gem is tucked away on the east side of the Tafelberg at Fuik Bay. Here the Englishman John Godden started the phosphate mining company in 1875.
Brigitte has exhibited in various cities in the Netherlands and in Europe and has had numerous solo exhibitions and group exhibitions at Landhuis Bloemhof.

Angel Luis de la Rosa González
Angel was born in Santiago de Cuba in 1971. He comes from a family where both men and women were manually skilled. In 1983 Angel joined the Academia de Artes Plásticas José Joaquín Tejada and graduated as a sculpture and drawing teacher. He went on to work at Casa de Cultura in a town called Jiguani Granma. There his interaction with art and handcraft led him to discover how versatile the material of wood can be. In 1994 he returned to Santiago de Cuba and was an independent artist. Short thereafter he became president of Asociasion Cubana De Artesanos Artistas-ACAA. In 2009 he came to Curaçao, with a group of 5 artisans to work on the project of L'ALDEA, nowadays known as AMAZONIA, and stayed ever since.
In Curaçao he had 3 solo exhibitions at Gallery Alma Blou, participated in various group exhibitions and worked on various collaborations with other local artists.