Lus riba Nanzi


Lus riba Nanzi



Opening Saturday December 10
Group exhibition about the legendary spider Nanzi till January 8


'Lus riba Nanzi', a group exhibition dedicated to a legendary character from our oral literature, Kompa Nanzi is showing this Holiday season in Landhuis Bloemhof. For this theme exhibition we asked our artists to depict what Nanzi means to them in a work of art. Does Nanzi still have a right to exist? Who or what is it?

So far, 16 artists have responded:  Aemy Niafeliz, Alejandra Cijntje, Annemieke Dicke, Anna Lies Bruens, Team Nieuwkerk & Nieuwenhuizen, Giovanni Abath, Gwen Anderson, Hilma Koelman, Jaimary Boon, Kati Qui, Margarita Haakmat, Marianne Hagedoorn, Pito Polo, Ruthson Cecilia, Solaica Leito and Tayenne Winklaar. They surprised us with a great variety of paintings, sculptures, installations and mixed media artworks inspired by Nanzi.

To give merit to the unpredictable character of Kompa Nanzi, we are approaching this exhibit differently and called it a growing exhibition. Artists who after visiting us feel inspired, can still enter their contribution during the month of December. In any case, we start with 16 art works and are anxiously waiting to see who else will participate.