Hala rosea i sigui


Hala Rosea i Sigui- Take a Breath and Continue
Multilingual gathering with
Richenel 'Muz' Ansano, 
Ageeth Termars and Vali Leonora




Monday September 20. Full Moon
7.00- 10.00 PM
Ticket ANG 7,50

Many of us have had to say goodbye and let go in the past year. Let go of friends, relatives, partners, children. But also of a job, of income, of security and especially of the way we were used to dealing with loss. Where was the space or time to reflect on our loss, process it and move on? In that sense, Covid-19 has turned our inner world upside down. Mourning is important for people to be able to continue after loss.

During Hala rosea i sigui different options will be offered in the open air to travel inside to get to our inner feelings and to reflect and find a way to move on. Through meditation, movement, painting, rituals, words and of course silence. Richenel 'Muz' Ansano, Ageeth Termars and Vali Leonora will guide this process. The evening will start together at 7.00 pm and will end together at 10:00 pm. The contribution for participation is 7.50 per person (tea, coffee and water and materials are included). You can register via info@bloemhof.cw