Quit My Job, Paint Your Life




Quit My Job, Paint Your Life



First solo exhibition by Chris Peralta
Opening Saturday January 13
Extended to April 1

Peralta's first solo exhibition Quit my job, Paint your life extended until April 1st

The past 5 weeks we look back at a very successful exhibition. The artist did not only sell almost all his paintings, but he also gained recognition for his artworks and the topics they triggered. For all the Peralta fans out there, stay tuned for part two of Quit my job, Paint your life with new work and more food for thought.

Peralta is a self-taught multi-disciplinary artist with a background in music, poetry and audiovisual storytelling. He stepped on the artistic stage back in 2016 when he returned from studying abroad. Since then, he actively joined the art scene, participated in many art manifestations, took part in the film production Watamula by director Kevin Osepa and performed in various poetry and storytelling events.

In 2018, Peralta rediscovered a new passion for painting and joined the IBB. The little time there helped him identify what he wants and from then on he continued to explore the world of visual arts and further develop a style of his own.

Peralta continued to hone his skills and find his artistic voice at Uniarte, where he has been an active member till 2021. In addition to his own work, Peralta is also a member of the community-driven collective Malsamaritano, where he and other young artists create and collaborate on a variety of projects, from music to pop-up events and community work.

Peralta is an artist that’s always been on the art radar at Landhuis Bloemhof. He participated in various events and group exhibitions. A studio visit in late 2021 gave us a more in depth look at his art and him as a person. Peralta is a free spirit with depth, introspective and isn’t afraid to be vulnerable. His painting style already knows different phases: from abstract to surrealism to realism with fantasy elements. What makes his work interesting is the use of different media and techniques.

As of August 2022 we noticed a shift in his painting style, especially in his color palette, figures, technique and composition. This transitional period resulted in an interesting self-discovery that was propelled and influenced by his new found loves: his partner and recently born son.

"I'm excited to share my work with the community and invite people to experience my journey through art," says Peralta. "The exhibition's title, 'Quit My Job, Paint Your Life,' reflects my decision to pursue my passion for art full-time and the importance of following your dreams and living a life that is true to yourself."

Night for the Roses






Bloemhof Experience: A Night for the Roses

Night for the Roses Postponed
New Date Friday January 13, 2023

The Night for the Roses cultural festival, originally November 11, which was partially merged with some musicians of the Cathedral of Thorns Concert for the Roses planned for November 4, which regretfully had to be cancelled, is again postponed. In Papiamentu we say 'El a kai na awa', literary translated: 'It fell in the water.'

In close consultation with the performers, and the Ride for the Roses Foundation, it was decided to organize a new Night for the Roses multitalented festival to launch the first post-covid Ride for the Roses fundraising season. In January 2023 the ride will be back and the artists will perform in the week leading up to the evens on Friday January 13. Please keep in touch via our social media to be informed.

Already bought tickets for the Roses Concert (4 November) or Night for the Roses (11 November)
If you already have a ticket for the concert on November 4, or for the Night for the Roses on November 11, we offer you three options:
A. You can keep your ticket and we will consider it your donation towards the good cause.
B. You can keep your ticket and use it on January 13, since the line up will be almost the same.
Please note that the concert tickets of November 4 (ANG 95 ) will now be valid for 2 persons on January 13 including one ANG 5 token to spend on a consumption or to be handed in as an extra donation.
C. You can approach Landhuis Bloemhof for a refund.