Den Mi Wesu



Thursday May 2nd | 19:00
Friday May 3rd | 19:00
Saturday May 4th | 19:00 

Den Mi Wesu – meaning “in my bones” in Papiamentu – is a theatrical deep dive into the origins of spiritual experience and how rhythmic expressions amplify it. It involves an excavation of instruments, voice, and movement through which we explore our Afro-Caribbean roots. 

Under artistic direction of Michael Wanga and musically enhanced by Sorandy Sint Jacobs and Ashley Mauricia, a group of talented performers shares their rhythmical and historical journey. Following their route to Landhuis Bloemhof, we learn about their Caribbean ancestry through the power of rhythm and movement. 

Like many Curaçaoan people, Michael is a descendant of two strong tribes. On one side, the native people that have survived on the Caribbean islands and on the other side, the enslaved people that were brought there from Africa. 

As part of the new generation of diaspora descendants, Michael seeks a connection with his ancestors. A bond that derives from music and stories that shaped the island. He involves a new generation of Caribbean artists, to share in this experience. 

Rhythm and spirituality go hand in hand. They connect us to our most primal and instinctive selves. Rhythm is not taught, it is passed down through the musical traditions of our ancestors. Sound and movement are carriers of Afro-Caribbean culture, throughout generations. They contain the essence of a spiritual experience that is shared all over the world in meditation, worship or prayer.