Mondi Magiko Postponed





Landhuis Bloemhof and Kara Productions regret to announce that Mondi Mágiko will not be organized this year.

The festival of lights in the Bloemhof garden was organized for the first time last year and attracted over 18,000 visitors. Young and old could enjoy an illuminated walk through the mondi of Bloemhof, thanks to Dynaf who sponsored the generator for this project.

This year, Mondi Mágiko will not be held due to the current situation around Covid-19. “We would have like to add a little magic to people's lives again. Now we have to take care of each other first and avoid organizing events where many people come together. Safety and health are our priority.”
Kara Productions and Landhuis Bloemhof are looking forward to 2021 for the second edition of Mondi Mágiko.