Opening Thurday July 2
Exhibition till September 12

Unlocked - Art Treasures of Curaçao
After the Lockdown we wanted to do something positive for all local artists. And the idea of 'Unlocked' was born. We changed our exhibition program and sent out an open call to visual artists working and residing on the island. More than 30 artists signed up right away. With this spontaneously organized exhibition Landhuis Bloemhof invites Curacao to get (re)acquainted with our current contemporary art scene.

Participating artists:
Annemieke Dicke, Ariadne Faries, Babette de Waele, Bert Knubben, Christy Beaujon, Doggis, Ellen Spijkstra, Francis Sling, Giovanni Abath, Giovani Zanolino, Gwen Anderson, Johanna Franco Zapata, Krista van der Meyden, Maghalie George, Marcel van Duijneveldt, Marjon Wegman, Marlies Schoenmakers, Michèle Russel - Capriles, Philippe Zanolino, Philip Rademaker, PitoPolo, Quirine van Eps, Ria Houwen, Rien te Hennepe, Robert van Haren, Rochelle Monte, Saida Hernandez, Susan Rudolf, Suzet Rosaria.
The Cathedral of Thorns by Herman van Bergen featuring over 40 works of arts by different other artists and the sculpture garden of Hortence Brouwn are also part of the exhibition. Both are permanent attractions on the premises of Landhuis Bloemhof.

Unlocked is an exhibition within an exhibition, with each artist getting his or her own space in the Landhuis or its surroundings. We are also hosting many interactive activities during the exhibition period.

UNLOCKED exhibition catalogue