Hòfi Cinema Yubismo


Hòfi Cinema
Yubismo - Bida i Arte di Yubi Kirindongo

Friday September 22

Yubismo – 60 minutes – Papiamentu, Dutch spoken, English subtitles
Yubismo tells the story of the life and art of Curaçao artist
Yubi Kirindongo. The documentary made by Corry van Heijningenpremiered last year in Curaçao and has been selected for the Caribbean Tales Film Festival in Toronto https://caribbeantalesfestival.com/2023-film-guide/

The festival guide states: ‘Known for his reuse of worthless materials, namely his chrome bumper artworks, Yubi Kirindongo followed an unconventional life path, which manifests itself in a large range of art forms that each embodies the simple complexity, sensitive rigidity, and harsh beauty of Curaçaoan reality.’

Hofi Cinema will showcase Yubismo to celebrate Yubi's international recognition, his influence on upcoming artists, and his multiple talents, including his iconic works made from discarded bumpers, driftwood, plastic waste, and more. Don't miss this compelling exploration of Yubi Kirindongo's artistic legacy.

Syba- 7 minutes
Syba, a short animation tells the story of a fisher boy who catches a mysterious object while out fishing.