Hòfi Cinema Oktober






Hòfi Cinema, Ride for the Roses Edition

Thursday October 27 | 7.30 pm

The monthly film evening of Landhuis Bloemhof Hòfi Cinema is dedicated to the grande dame of the theater Rina Penso. The film Mi ta Hasi mi Kos by Wilma Lighart, starring Rina Penso, will be shown, as well as part of a personal interview about her experiences with cancer that Boi Antoine conducted with her.

In the film "Mi ta hasi mi kos", the then 86-year-old Curaçao actress Rina Penso looks back on her life. The story is told by the people who saw her up close: colleagues, friends, family and by Rina herself. Rina often says "I didn't have a theater education; I didn't need to. I got "something" from God, I just do my thing ("Mi ta hasi mi kos"). In conversations with various directors, Rina is praised for her great talent and drive. One of them is Felix de Rooy: "A real diva, expressive, present; she can express great feelings and she has an enormous charisma in front of the camera and on stage. To me she is the Anna Magnani of the Caribbean ".

Tickets cost NAfl 25 and are only available at Landhuis Bloemhof. A part of the entrance revenues goes to the Ride for the Roses.