Botanical Journey on Curacao
Susan's greatest inspiration are her surroundings on the island of Curacao, underwater, the marine life and above the surface, the flora and fauna of the island. In this workshop you will encounter the endless variety of the tessellate/mosaic setting, the little secrets of playing with the material to get your picture to let in as much light as possible for the full effect of the image. Image size will be 60cmx60cm incl. frame. Get ready for a fascinating four week intensive work with shards, shapes, colors and fun. Language English/Dutch. For more inspiration please visit Landhuis Bloemhof BACK TO NATURE present group exhibition from February 2nd until February 27th, there you will find another example by Susanís mosaics related to the topic. For further information or if you chose your own photo or a high definition picture from the web, you will need to email a photo of the subject to Susan at the e-mail address prior to the workshop. All materials, ceramic and glass tiles, pebbles, adhesives, tools (if you have your own tools and if your preference is to work with them of course they are welcome), grout, wooden frame finishing (Framing a mosaic can be a key component to presenting your finished artwork) incl. some healthy snack and drinks provided by Curacao Nature will be served.