Plantation Stories
The archives of the property are well preserved and show that it was first sold in 1735, presumably thus making the core of the building at least 268 years old. (The date of the original construction is unknown.) Subsequent purchase deeds and inventory lists tell us more about its history and that of Curaçao – about business, the economy, and even slavery, since in those days people were included as property on inventory lists. Bloemhof was often bought when business went well, sold when deals went awry or ships were lost at sea – sometimes it changed hands several times a year. The fact that many of its owners listed themselves as ‘merchant’ in the various deeds suggests that they did not buy the plantation for the potential harvest, but rather as an investment and retreat for family and friends away from the hustle and bustle of town. Throughout its history, many of Bloemhof’s owners were Sephardic Jews with such names as Henriquez, Juliao, Calvo, da Costa Gomez, Curiel, Alvares Correa, and Lopez Penha; other owners were most likely Protestants, having Dutch sounding names like Schuurman, Bakker, Schoon, Meyboom, Timmer, Vos, and van Scharen.

Being a small plantation, Bloemhof was never of much importance in terms of agriculture or the production of food crops. Early on, the ‘crop’ of the plantation was water. With the use of two dams, several wells and bakis (cisterns), most of which are still intact, it was easy to collect and hold enough water to sell in Willemstad to the townspeople. In addition, a simple yet effective gutter and aqueduct system collected the rain that fell upon the roofs of the main and adjacent buildings into a large cistern. You can still see the original faucet in the wall of what used to be the main cistern.

In the nineteen twenties, the entire family would enjoy overseeing the harvest and preparation of the larahas that grew in its hòfi (orchard). Laraha is a citrus fruit; its peel is used to make our famous authentic Curaçao liqueur.

1. Juan Isa - Presidente VBC (?)
2. Rob Hodgson - Hefe DOW
3. Juancho Evertsz
4. Ron Ritchie - General Manager Texas Instruments
5. Tirso Sprockel
6. … Harvard University – Behavioural Science Institute
7. Ig. Isphording - Direktor Shell
8. Joost van Thiel - Direktor Hollandse Bank Unie
9. Loekie Nederhorst - Direktor Curaçaose Dok Maatschappij
10. Jaime De Sola - Sekretario Fundashon Renobashon
11. Ronnie Martina - PR Fundashon Renobashon
12. … Martis - Presidente Cadmu
13. Prof. McLelland Harvard University – Behavioural Science Institute
14. Ronnie Casseres - Presidente Bònt di Enseñansa (Pre-Sitek)
15. Johnny Mauricio - Vise Presidente Kámara di Komersio
16. Lionel Capriles - Presidente Kámara di Komersio
17. un persona no visibel, talbes ta Sigfried Rigaud (?)
18. Willie Haize - Presidente Bònt di Mijnmaatschappij
19. Yubi Spencer - Presidente PWFC
20. Jan Spit - Hefe Departamentu di Sociale Zaken (Eiland)
21. Efi Newton - Hefe Departamentu di Economische Zaken (Land)
22. Don Martina - Hefe Departamentu di Sociale Zaken (Land)
23. Luis Santine - Kámara di Komersio
24. Charles Gomes - Casseres Kámara di Komersio
25. Ralph Sami - Landsbemiddelaar
26. ... Jonis Presidente Bònt di ALM
27. Vic Pinedo - Counterpart lokal pa Harvard University su hendenan
28. Elmer Joubert - Notario
29. Norman Chumaceiro - Direktor Maduro & Sons