May’s studio

The former studio of May Henriquez has been virtually frozen in time over the past 3 decades. When the family proceeded to restore the plantation house and its adjacent buildings in 2000-2001, they chose to preserve their (grand) mother’s workspace. They documented and packed its contents, took great caution to preserve the texture and drawings on the walls, as well as to maintain the authentic look and feel in the space. After all work was completed, including a new roof over the length of the mangazina, the atelier of May Henriquez was reconstructed. Today you can visit the studio of May Henriquez. It almost looks like the artist has just stepped out, leaving some unfinished work.
As you walk around the rooms you get a feeling for the artist’s workplace, understand better how an artwork develops in stages and see some examples of art using diverse techniques and media.

The art in our library
In the studious environment of the library we permanently display a number of art pieces by local and international artists. There are sculptures by Nelson Carhillo, Noor Gosselink, May Henriquez, Yubi Kirindongo, Maximiliano Nepomuceno and Ellen Spijkstra, as well as paintings by Charles Eyck, Ariadne Faries, Ocalia, Hector Poleo, Tebó and Ossip Zadkine. The library itself contains large number of books and other documentation about these and many other artists and art forms.
Jojo's Study
Local Treasures in Shon Jojo’s Study
The room we affectionately call Shon Jojo’s Study is right off the main hall of the plantation house. In this space we permanently display art by well known local artists surrounded by family heirloom antiques. There are family photos and memorabilia on display alongside several paintings and sculptures by local artists such as Capricorne, May Henriquez, Elis Juliana, Nepomuceno, Ocalia and Olario.
Sculpture garden
The Sculpture Garden
A number of sculptures and installations by local and international artists have found a permanent home in the gardens of Landhuis Bloemhof. Even nature has provided us with a unique collection, a series of coral animals appropriately displayed in The Zoo. We invite you to take a stroll on the premises and discover the artwork hidden in the authentic ambience of our Curaçao hòfi. Plan to come back often as the grounds at Landhuis Bloemhof offer what seem to be endless possibilities to inspire creativity.