"My hands make what my eyes cannot see"

In November 2005 Rien te Hennepe, a Dutch sculptor living on the island, started working with a group of 6 blind persons. His mission: to guide the 6 into creating unique sculptures out of rocks from the Tafelberg. It became an unforgettable experience for Rien and his 6 students, resulting in wonderful pieces which ask to be 'seen' with ones hands.

Fundashon Pro Bista and Landhuis Bloemhof proudly present this exhibition entitled "Admira nos manan" ("Admire our hands") which includes besides the work created during the 6 month long workshop, work by Rien himself and craft products of other blind clients at Pro Bista. This exhibition will be held at the headquarters of Fundshon Pro Bista at Corrieweg 16.

The proceeds of the sale of  the work on exhibit will be entirely for the projects of Fundashon Pro Bista.

NOTE: it may not be entirely clear from the invitation, but the title of the exhibition also appears in braille.