Philip A. Rademaker (1944, Curaçao) is not only a visual artist, but also a poet, actor, director and photographer. Through the years he played in various series and movies that were filmed in Curaçao. Rademaker acted and directed a wide range of theater productions with the theater group Thalia. He is also well known for his poetry, essays and short stories mainly in Papiamentu. He also participated in various exhibitions in Curaçao and abroad. Omar Sling (1976, Curaçao) studied Multimedia Design at the Grafisch Lyceum in Amsterdam. In 1988 he made his first sculpture and he hasn't stopped creating since. Omar haphazardly transforms recycled material into unique art pieces. Art pieces that send out a message of hope for progress and a sound future. Sustainable innovation in the broadest sense of the word is the name of his game. With his work the artist wants to influence his surroundings through social cohesion. Brett Russel (1982, Curaçao) is a professional photographer. After he finished his studies in The Netherlands, Brett decided come back in Curacao and is locally working since 2009. Photography started out as a hobby that soon transformed in a specialization. He gets his inspiration through local customs and cultural traditions, music and contemporary art. He participated in exhibitions in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels, Berlin and San Francisco.