The opening was held on Wednesday January 18th at 7:30 PM at Landhuis Bloemhof. Opening speaker was Duncan Campbell. This time the artist went on a stone search that led her not only to the Tafelberg but also beyond to other parts of our island including Tera Korá and some of our beaches. To Maghalie the stone speaks its own tale and she just follows what happens after she starts to work on one. Or as she herself puts it: "I prefer to keep the original form of the stone as much as possible and I also like to leave a part rough and untouched. For me: no specific themes, no explicit style, little thinking and lots of ‘just let it happen'." So join us on Wednesday the 18th for this special event and let this stone-story experience ‘get' to you. About the artist Maghalie van der Bunt - George (1973) is consulting partner at Deloitte Dutch Caribbean. Her sculpting search and learning process regarding the ‘Curaçao stones' started in 2005. In 2008 she made progress thanks to the tips from Tiny Fricke about tools. Since then she sculpts regularly. In 2015 she shared her creativity with Curacao for the first time in Landhuis Bloemhof. ‘Roots' marks her second solo exhibition.