About the artist Bernadetta van Eps - Schretlen was born in 1934 in The Netherlands. At a young age she discovered her affinity with art. This affinity became a passion after she met her future husband Randolph. They moved to Curaçao, where she remained her whole life. After her husband passed away the artist opened the gallery 'Galerie d'Orangerie' at her home where she held many art happenings and had a permanent exhibition of her work. 1988 is the year in which Bernadetta took off with her fascination for glass. She followed various workshops at Van Tetterode Glas Objecten in Amsterdam and also in France. During this long period she met many inspiring people like RIchard Price, who became her longtime partner in art. They created many artworks together. This exhibition is an homage to this vibrant and flamboyant artist whose work still shimmers in many places here in Curaçao and around the world.