This project was created to honor the thirtieth anniversary of Korpodeko and entailed a traveling group exhibition, workshops, group discussions on where to go with art, the building of a maquette of the Korpodeko building by a prisoner and the start of an art fund. Participating artists had the assignment to look 30 years into the future and give their view on what development would look like in the future. Their messages were then transferred to a 20cm x 20cm triangular shaped canvas. Some 39 artists joined this project and gave way to their ideas for future development in many different 'tones of voice'. From concern for the environment to the challenges and opportunities of modern technology. The exhibition had its kick-off in May of 2016 at Landhuis bloemhof and then traveled to two different locations on Curacao in order to make sure as many people as possible had the chance to see this exhibition that showed till August.