Landhuis Bloemhof offered a special exhibition in October 2005 that embodied two anniversaries. The celebration of the 25th anniversary of her Majesty Queen Beatrix’ reign and the 75th anniversary of the local retail entrepreneur, the Boolchand Group of Companies, who is celebrating 75 years (1930-2005) of existence of their family business on Curaçao and in the Caribbean. The exhibition linked the Indian origins of the Boolchand family to their present home, the island of Curaçao. The Boolchand family saw this event as an opportunity to show their appreciation for the welcome and support given to them during the past 75 years. As a token of their gratitude all proceeds from this exhibition were donated to local charity. ‘A Journey through India. Dakshin-art’, offered contemporary modern art from the South of India. The word ‘Dakshin’ is Hindi for ‘South’. The artworks in this exhibition had been carefully selected to show a representative sample collection of contemporary modern art from India. The paintings were figurative as well as abstract and the artists ranged from young and talented to established, leading artists. With this first exhibition on South Indian art, we set out to show the diversity, quality and originality of the visual-arts of this intriguing country. The works on display also showed that the artistic language of India is very different and at the same time very much like our own. There is for instance a difference in the treatment of space which accounts for the flatness experienced in the composition of Indian art. There is also a remarkable strong tie between the Hindu Religion and the arts. Religion has deeply influenced the Indian arts and has made it rich with an incredible complex iconography. All the works of art were selected from Prakrit Art Gallery in Chennai, India. ‘Prakrit’ signifies ‘natural’. The gallery was founded in 2002 and plays a leading role in the art market of India and organizes exhibitions by artists from mainly South India in both India and abroad. In honor of the anniversary of our Queen, the Boolchand family commissioned Jayshree Mirpuri, an Indian artist who has been living on Curaçao since 1992, to portray Her Majesty Queen Beatrix. This painting which had especially been made for this occasion, was also on exhibit at our gallery.