Arthur was born in The Netherlands in 1948. He studied Dutch Law and later Notarial Law. He has been drawing since high school and has kept doing this throughout his studies. It is a passion of his that he managed to keep alive during his whole life. Creativity runs in his family, especially in cinema and theater. His talents however blossomed in the expression of drawing and painting. In 1980 he moved to Curacao where he worked and in his free time he followed classes by Anna Oltheten and Ria Houwen. Since 1999 he has dedicated himself wholly to art and has been doing master classes at renowned art academies in New York (Art Student League), Paris (Academie La Grande Chaumière), Berlin (Kunsthochschule) and Buenos Aires (Mario Ferrari, Escuela de Bellas Artes). He continues to experiment and takes 'studie reizen' (study trips) as he calls them himself.