During this exhibition the Suriname born artist Carlos Blaaker showed his oil paintings as well as a series of sculptures. This exhibition depicted everyday life in Otrabanda as seen through the eyes of the artist. During the four week period of this exhibition, Blaaker worked on location on Wednesday and Friday mornings. Carlos Blaaker was born in Suriname in 1961 and had his art education at the 'Nola Hatterman Instituut' and afterwards the 'Academie voor Hogere Kunsten'. At the age of 22 he moved to New York to get a broader perspective of the world outside the small Surinamese community. From 1990 till 2009 he moved to Rotterdam, The Netherlands, where he annually had solo and group exhibitions. In 2009 Blaaker moved to Curaçao but still travels often for international exhibitions. Currently he is chairman of 'Stichting Bronsgieterij Curaçao‘ that he revived soon after moving to Curaçao and where he casts his own bronze sculptures. We hope to see you soon.