The title ‘Nation in Transition’ is inspired by the late Nelson Mandela who successfully guided the transition of his nation from a society with Apartheid into a democratic and free country where all races have more opportunity to prosper.

We are not in an era of changes but in a change of era! The young nation of Curaçao has seen fundamental changes in a short period of time:
Becoming an autonomous country within the kingdom on 10-10-’10, The democratic weakness that followed, The assassination of the popular political leader Helmin Wiels; The obvious causes of many social economic problems within the society are bluntly not dealt with….

The bottom-line is: do we give away the control of these changes? Or are we going to shape the society ourselves? How will our nation transform? Whom to decide?

Pito Polo, Brett Russel, Avantia Damberg, Omar Sling, Carl Ariza, Giovanni Zanolino, Sanya Kanga, Ailsa Anastatia, Babette de Waele and Marvi Johanna Franco Zapata are giving their artistic perspective on the Nation in Transition of Curacao.
Inducing inspiration and thoughts of where the society is heading or should go.