Julie Kooijman-Pieler was born in Argentina and studied chemistry, which knowledge proved to be very convenient during her artistic career. She now lives for nearly 42 years in Curacao and feels herself at home and part of the community. Thirty seven years ago Julie started her ceramic lessons with the then only ceramics teacher in Curacao, Mrs. Solange Gravenhorst, who was a highly respected artist. Soon Julie Kooijman dominated the basics of ceramic creations and decided to continue her studies during 1977 and 1978 in Miami, Florida USA, where she obtained her ceramics teacher license. Then she followed a course of porcelain painting with the famous artist Mrs. Ruth Little at Lubbock, Texas. Julie Kooijman bought her first electric kiln in 1977 in Miami and so she could fire her own ceramics and porcelain (at this moment she uses a huge gas fired kiln). Soon after the purchase of her own oven Julie started to teach ceramics to interested ladies and one of them became later in Trinidad a well known ceramics artist.