The opening of the exhibition took place on March 3rd, 2004 by Ir. Ronny Lobo. This interesting exhibition showed an impression of Curaçao as seen through the eyes of the artists Leo Bos, Pieter Hogenbirk and Peter Kos.


In January 2003 the artists who all work in (Huizen) The Netherlands in a communal studio called "De Rookerij", travelled to Curaçao together with the idea to use their experiences and inspiration on the island to create work. Each absorbed what touched him and used that in his work, with as a result a total impression of the island seen through different eyes. At the end of their two week trip they held a one day exhibition on the island.


The group returned to the Netherlands, with all their works and a crate full of raw materials. They continued to work on creating more work to complete the exhibition.

On May 25th 2003, Carel de Haseth, Minister Plenipotenciary of the Netherlands Antilles in Holland, opened the exhibition "Lost & Found" in Huizen (NL). Besides drawings, photographs of people and architecture and paintings inspired by the island, there were also several abstract and figurative objects shown which were constructed with materials such as driftwood, plastic, coconuts, bones and red earth.


In 2004 the trio returned to Curaçao and started creating new work for the exhibition “Lost & Found part II”, as such completing the circle. This unique exhibition, a combination of disciplines and showing a wide variety of work lets us appreciate the beauty and rich color scheme of Curaçao.


In accordance with a good Bloemhof tradition a workshop was incorporated as part of the exhibition.