We are delighted to bring Seth's art to Curaçao. He will be here to tell us about his art and his mother will give a talk about the impact that art made on Seth's life. We hope to bring together the Autism organizations on the island to help with this exhibition and expect it to be a fundraiser for Autism awareness. For more information please check out his website: http://www.sethchwastart.com/ When her autistic son turned 18, a vocational counselor told Debra Chwast that Seth was unsuited for anything more challenging than janitorial work. He could not cross the street alone- or even be left home alone- or have a conversation. Debra then gave up her career as a therapist and devoted herself full time to finding a meaningful life for her son. At 20, Seth took his first art class, at 23 he was on the Today show as an artist, at 24, he returned to the Today show and was featured on New Years day as their most inspirational story of the year. After Seth discovered painting, Debra produced a short documentary, “A Different Kind of Journey,” about Seth and his art. This led to appearances on NPR, and PBS. He has had solo exhibitions at the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals of Case Western Reserve, Penn State College of Medicine, Cleveland Museum of Natural History, the United Nations, the Time Equities Building in New York City, and the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. Seth regularly flies to New York to paint with Kip Jacobs, a bold, edgy, accomplished artist, creating Manhattan cityscapes and mobiles. In July 2008, Seth participated in the Art Omi International Artists Residency in New York’s Berkshires. On opening day, he was seen by the Chelsea Art Museum’s Nicollette Ramirez, who reviewed for Whitehot Magazine and named Seth as one of three outstanding American artists of the residency. Friendly, cheerful and optimistic, Seth wants his art to travel the world. Now 28, he has had solo exhibitions in Galapagos and the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands. Seth’s opening in Galapagos was on national television. It was attended by the mayor, the governor, the Darwin Foundation, the special needs students, their families and teachers. Seth and his mom returned to Cayman for three visits during his exhibition, to be on national television, to give gallery tours and to meet with special needs staff and families of the autistic. Seth’s paintings went to an exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art of the Ukraine in Kiev. Seth is scheduled to open in Curaçao in November 2011, and to return to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History in March 2012. Debra wrote An Unexpected Life: A mother and son’s story of love, determination, autism and art. It is the story of her stubborn determination to help her son find his voice, and his incredible journey from frustrated silence into joyous communication through art. It is a tale of overcoming adversity and never giving up, a story of moving from darkness to light, sorrow to bliss. One fan called it “the best love story I ever read.” Debra Chwast received a master’s in social work from UCLA Berkeley, and worked as a therapist for 33 years. In 1983 she gave birth to her only child, Seth, who was diagnosed with autism at 21 months. Debra entered a lifelong journey of using therapeutic skill, determination, and love to help her son actualize himself. She is now Seth’s manager, travel agent, promoter and-literally- his voice. Debra participates in panels on autism and provides keynote addresses about her life with Seth as he shares his profound art and story with the world.