A couple of months ago after talking to Richard Doest, the idea was sparked to organize an exhibition of instruments from Africa and the Caribbean, around the same time as the Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival. We asked Richard Doest, who has a large collection of instruments himself, to prepare the exhibition and invite other collectors to lend us some instruments. As a result we have more than 80 pieces of instruments from Africa, The Caribbean and Latin America. "Our African ancestors arrived in the Caribbean empty handed. However they carried with them the fond memories of their cultures. Musically they remembered the magical tones and rhythms of their continent. They tried to preserve and reconstruct their rich musical heritage. This became the foundation for modern developments in music around the world. With the exhibition “Pampuna a pari kalbas - From Africa to the Caribbean” (literally: A pumpkin gave birth to a gourd) we show some examples of the musical instruments involved." - Richard Doest. The exhibition will be open from August 20 to October 1, 2011.