In the coming weeks Landhuis Bloemhof will be showing a very varied group exhibition based on the concept 'Masked'. Artists who have exhibited or teach at our Gallery have been invited to participate with one piece based on this theme. The result is a eclectic total, showing some reflective work, but all in all a engaging mix in different media. The 27 participating artists are: Anna Oltheten - Arthur Oster - Babs de Brabander - Barbara Joyce - Brigitte Wawoe - Ellen Spijkstra - Evelien Sipkes - George Struikelblok - Hanneke Floor - Heleen Cornet - Hellen Sint Jago -Herman van Bergen - Lars de Brabander - Louis La Rooy - Marcel van Duyneveldt - Maritza Bakhuis - Marjon Wegman - Marlies Schoenmakers - Martie Genger - Pet Holman - Philip Rademaker – Philippe Zanolino - Rien te Hennepe - Saida Hernandez - Serena Israel - Ukki Ukleya - ZZ Team Maskará will be opened on Saturday 12 Februaryi at 10:30 am by a group of youngsters from the circus school CircMagik. Maskará will be open until the 12th of March 2011.