Landhuis Bloemhof is pleased to present a new exhibition: “For di Mi” – a view into the dream and fantasy world of Ruf “UFO” Marval. A special word of thanks goes to Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds who awarded UFO a grant to allow him to frame his work for this exhibition. Ruf Antonio Marval was born in Curaçao on November 7, 1947. As a young boy he already loved drawing, his aunt and uncle were also artists. He went to the St. Thomas College and continued on to Skerpene where he learned a trade by the Friars. Later he went to work for a contractor, but his love of painting continued to develop. Lately he has started drawing again full-time with the hope to become a famous artist. He exhibited for the first time together with a few other artists at Classic Caribbean Art Gallery in 1997. UFO uses (carbon) pencil, ink and paints. He creates drawings borne from his fantasy and dream world. Figures twirl into one another. Animals hide behind people and vice versa. Color dominates in some paintings, while in others it is simply a highlight. In many drawings he uses only black and gray. But each one of his creations invite you to study them, look at them from afar, see them close-up, looking for that which is behind what your eye actually sees at first. The exhibition opened on Saturday August 14th and will remain open until September 11, 2010. Ashley Mauricia, who hosted UFO's first exhibition in 1997, officially opened the exhibition.