On wednesday September 22nd, 2004, the exhibition of the Surinamese and world reknown painter and sculptor Erwin de Vries was opened in Landhuis Bloemhof.

37 years before, in 1967, he exhibited at Landhuis Bloemhof, which was at that time run by 'Galerie de Boog'. It had been his second show in Curaao. In 1954 the Curaaon people first encountered Erwin's work in the Curaao Museum -- at that time he was still an unknown artist.


De Vries' work has since taken off and he has earned his tripes as an artist. In 1998 he celebrated his 50th anniversary as an artist with a much accredited exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.  

In 2002 he received the commission from the Dutch government to create the national monument to slavery, which he considers the crowning of his career.


At the ripe age of 74, the erotic, expressionistic visual language of De Vries has not lost its strenght.

His paintings, with their returning theme of eroticism, are eye candy. With powerful lines and bright colors they seem to jump out of the canvas. The beauty of the female body continue to capture his attention.


De Vries (Paramaribo, 1929) found himself in the company of internationally reknowned art(ists) soon after he completed his studies at The Hague Academy in 1952. Visually he was catagorized as part of the Cobra-movement, especially the vitality of Karel Appel and Wessel Couzijn. Although fairly early on he managed to discern himself from the group through a multi-colored and intriguing style of his own.

Erwin also held a demonstration of his work as a sculptor when he modeled a bust of Sonia Garmers.