We had been watching hurricane Tomás for a few days as it made its slow trek across the lower Eastern Caribbean islands. It was heading straight towards us. Luckily, it was downgraded to a Tropical Storm and veered north a bit; we were only going to get the tail-end of it. It started raining early Monday evening, November 1, 2010. By 9 o’clock pm it was clear already that we were getting more rain than usual, the government had cancelled school for the next day. The rain continued coming down hard till about 3 o’clock am, after which it slowed down to a drizzle. The Bloemhof plantation is the lowest area in the neighborhood. All rain water from areas to the east and south of us naturally flows to us, we keep a lot of it on our premises with the use of two dams, the over flow continues on towards the west where it makes its way to the water near Pos Kabaai. With the passing of Tomás one of the dams broke causing a tsunami effect on the premises which flooded the home of the late May & Max Henriquez. May & Max had been avid collectors: foremost they collected art, but they also collected many other things such as stamps, coins, eye glasses, keys, newspaper clippings, invitations, maps and so forth. Regretfully much was lost in the flood; we were able to rescue some treasures which are on display in this exhibition. Click on the photos below to get the story behind each.