As part of "Orano na Plata", the island-wide celebration of the Queen's silver reign anniversary, Landhuis Bloemhof organized an exhibition based on the title of Sonia Garmers' book: "Lieve Koningin, hierbij stuur ik U mijn dochter". 17 artists were asked: if you could present the Queen with anything for her anniversary, would it be a present or a message? Let us see! The 'presents' reveiled in this exhibition were quite diverse, carrying messages from our part of the world to the mother country. Participating artists were Marcel van Duijneveldt, Herman van Bergen, Emly Franciska, Doggis, Marlies Schoenmakers, Martie Genger, Krista van der Meijden, Ellen Spijkstra, Sashina Rosario, Philip A. Rademaker, Babs de Brabander, Tirzo Martha, Wigberto lopez, Marlyn Dunker, Evelien Sipkes, Yvette Brandt and Jolanta Pawlak