The former contractor Jan Toeter exhibits in Landhuis Bloemhof with a series of etchings showing the artist's view on the history of Curašao in the exposition 'Historische momenten van het eiland K˛rsou' ('Historic Moments of the island Curašao'). In his etchings he applies a mixed technique of etching, aquatint and dry-point. The series starts with the discovery of the island by the Indians. This print shows Curašao personified as a naked young woman. In the accompanying text Jan Toeter explains his vision on this part of the history stating that the island is than virginal. The last print, entitled 'Hollands hulp' ('Dutch support') is about the continuous efforts from the Netherlands to support the island. With this print Jan Toeter shows his vision that while the Dutch attempts are meant to create order they often result in more disorder. In addition to the series there are also other prints available dealing with the same topic.