It’s summertime and many families are traveling to places far and near. Many will bring back souvenirs of the countries they visit. They will roam art galleries, museums, stores, markets and artists’ homes waiting for something to catch their eye. Some of it will be art, some just artsy, others will be copies of great works of art or alternatively downright kitsch memorabilia. Yet they will have something in common: for some reason they inspired us to add them to our collections. Landhuis Bloemhof is proud to present you this exhibition of art featuring work that was been acquired by various private collectors while they were traveling and vacationing. Literally the title of this exhibition means: “Where do your travels take you?” It brings together pieces from all corners of the world. There are paintings in many styles on paper, hardboard, glass, canvas and more. There are collages and sculptures, statues and carvings. There is textile, ceramics and print. There is even a spoon or two! We take you on an art journey around the world: traveling across the Americas, visiting Caribbean islands, taking a cruise or two, doing the European cities, going on safari in Africa, exploring the Middle East and crisscrossing Asia. We tell you the stories behind the pieces and why they were bought. In doing so we tell you a little bit about the world as well. This exhibition will remain on display until mid August when we plan to host a ‘show & tell’ event where anyone can bring their ‘travel art’ piece. So, when you roam the streets during your summer holidays, keep in mind that we want to know what YOU are buying! Visit the exhibition “Waar gaat de reis naar toe?” to see diverse work by artists such as Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso, Roosevelt Diaz, Romero Britto, Constantin Karahalios, Jamez, Rizzi, Barbara Joyce, Josette Capriles Goldish and many unknown artists.