Meet the Artist - Exhibition Desaroyo
About the project Fundashon Korporashon pa Desaroyo di Korsou (Korpodeko), a sustainable development corporation, is celebrating its 30th anniversary and decided to do so with art at heart. Creativity is an important part of development. Art and the view of artists on their society form the conscience of the people and reflect what is going on in a country. Korpodeko asked Landhuis Bloemhof to team up. For this exhibition the artists of Curaçao were asked to give their view on what development on Curaçao will look like 30 years from today. The result of what almost 40 artists had to say about the future is on display in ‘Desaroyo’. Also part of this exhibition is a maquette of the Korpodeko building built by a prisoner. Furthermore authentic Curaçao souvenirs from Folk Art Curaçao are on display. After June 4th ‘Desaroyo’ will move on to other locations till July 30th to make sure that as many people as possible can enjoy the art work. A special program with art and creativity as a guideline will support ‘Desaroyo’. Stay tuned for more information about this project.