Vernon Chatlein and Elements
Curaçao has many young talents in several different arts and sports. That’s a fact! These young talents work hard at what they do and give their utmost and sometimes they get some of the attention and recognition they deserve. One of those young talents is Vernon Chatlein. Vernon is a multi-percussionist coming from a musical background of Afro-Cuban, Latin and Jazz. His main influences are spread between many different styles of music, be it rock, hip-hop, jazz, African, middle-eastern, his ears have had a taste of it. In 2011 he was awarded the “Stichting Jazz Talent Award”, and this was the start of the 5-man Jazz band “Vernon Chatlein & Elements”. Elements is the name of Vernon Chatlein’ latest project where he chose friends from different corners of the world to play music that is new, groovy, healing for the soul and all in all “fresh”. The instrument line up for the band is unique in itself which gives the band a distinct sound not specifically characterized with a standard jazz quintet. The combination of saxophone, piano and guitar allows for dense harmonic arrangements or compositions with joyous, twirling melodies that can be intriguing to the experienced listener yet put a smile on a child’s face. In Elements Vernon introduces a kit specific to the project where he utilizes only percussion instruments and acts as a drummer but with much acquired agility and sounds. Consisting of musicians from multiple nationalities, the band’s influences are endless and with each musician bringing his own background, the elements that comprise the music and the compositions will make you dance, cry, laugh, sigh and hopefully touch your heart.